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erm, they do have missiles, you know

I don’t usually bother with this kind of blog, but i happened to be on Twitter when it happened. Appearing on my screen was this from @pressdarling, an Aussie-based Tweeter.


So of course, i looked -this was the Sydney Morning Herald’s front page.

supposed Sydney Morning Herald front page

supposed Sydney Morning Herald front page

And this is the pic close up. Kim Jong-Il is of course the dictator of North Korea which tested a missile over the weekend, and over Japan.

someone was bored, it was a sunday night

someone was bored, it was a sunday night

There just aren’t words, lol.

It’s gone already, but SMH say “US President Barack Obama has urged the regime to hold back [on testing missiles], saying the North must learn that “it can’t threaten the safety and security of other countries with impunity.” “

Or what, we’ll Photoshop you doing something bizarre? Yes, we’ll let the satirists take the piss. Ooh, i know, let’s call you names, that will work.

It’s supposedly a publicity stunt. Well, here’s one blog’s worth of publicity.

Postscript: Turns out he said that about himself. Whilst making smalltalk with a woman and her husband he’d had kidnapped from South Korea. The Sydney Morning Herald has more.


(aside from the bits which belong to the SMH, obviously)


Saved by the Amish

All day i’ve been bleeding Followers on Twitter – even all the MLM people adding me isn’t helping. Down to 113 Followers from 118. *sobs* Yes, the conservatives read my blog, realised they were following the Queen of Darkness and unfollowed me. For a while, i was so traumatised, that I even contemplated following the MLM people back, just so they wouldn’t leave.

Sure, i’m an agent for evil seeking world domination, but you could have followed me on Twitter, i don’t make anything explode there.  You’re in much more danger in here. *incinerates a pretty white dove just for kicks*

Goddamnit, i gave you badges. I taught you how to kill armed only with a pair of high heels. So i was blasphemous (probably) by making jokes about the Antichrist – but someone’s got to do it. I would have let you ride on the tank.

Well, I would if Reg (the Mechanic of Doom) ever figures out how to fix the tracks. It was a posse of old age pensioners, outside the chemist. I’m simply spitting over it. Reg thinks they might have bent the tracks with their titanium joints. It’d only been out of the shop a day.

Still, i reckon the old folk didn’t feel a thing – once i’d knocked them down they were out cold before the track went over. I did apologise, to their spirits, and helpfully shone the tank’s headlights in the direction of the Light. I keep telling you, i’m really a very nice person.

Anyway, so after my ruthless clearout of MLM people the other day, i couldn’t keep going with only Ericasfish and TheBloggess. I needed more to read on Twitter, so i went adding to those i Follow –  and naturally, i’ve found heaps of interesting Tweeple. And omg omg – i found the HotAmishChick. She’s got a pony that likes junk food. I’ve added 50 people i liked.

Oh – i have bowed to peer pressure – evidently ‘bastard‘ is such an offensive word (to some non-Australian people) that i was making eyeballs explode, (so a non-Aussie friend put it) although they’d be alright “once they got over the shock” of me. Strangely reassured, i rejigged the header and blogname here, so people could link to it without being embarrassed by sudden blindness.

Eyeballs exploding all over an office cubicle are, i’m told, very embarrassing. I’m allowed to say ‘fuck’ once you start reading, but no swearing til your eyeballs are safely inside the blog post itself. *looks guilty*

Humans, I forget how easily shocked they are. Mr B isn’t easily shocked. He can’t be Mr B-word any more, seeing i’m not Ms B-word – he’s going to need to be renamed. I think i’m going to do a Scarlett O’Hara on that one, and think about it tomorrow.

I was trying to explain Twitter to a friend who understands chat rooms and instant messagers, and said it was like a giant chat room where there was a big get-together going on – and you couldn’t hear everyone, but you could eavesdrop if you moved around, and say things to people, some of them quite famous – they might ignore you, even the not-very-famous-at-all. Or, as happened to me, they might talk back! I’ve been ignored – in a pleasant way – by lots of people so far, so one talking back was a shock.

oh *has fuzzy moment* i just hit 121 Followers on Twitter. *sheds a tear* Now if i can just get some of them to read the blog and not be frightened. Oh – i know.

*leaves snacks and chocolate*

And i was just looking at Twitter, and something happened, something legendary. Yes, the Fail Whale appeared to me.

yes, it's time to go to bed

yes, it's time to go to bed


Will you stand in the band…

Make yourself a coffee, i couldn’t keep this one short. Oh – and there’s a quite scary pic – no, not the Hello Kitty Kalashnikov – worse!

Okay? I’m officially freaked out – what’s with all the Christians? *looks around nervously for the nails, hammers, and waiting tree* Me talking about religion does not make me a Christian site. *sounds of Her Majesty choking on the morning cappuccino* Even my junk mail is coming from places like christiansingles.

Oh yeah, uber-freakout time – most of my morning additions to my Twitter Follower list are Christians. Am beginning to suspect that MLM people think if they say Christian you can’t see the bit that says ‘I have no morals. Make $$$ ask me how’ right next to it.

Oops, did i just show bigotry? Heavens above. Yes, i am prejudiced against several groups. Fucktards, idiots, religious fundamentalists, and MLM people. That’s bigotry for you – unreasoning dislike/hatred of a group. Wait, mine’s not unreasoning, ergo, it can’t be bigotry. *smiles* Oops, note to self: do not use Latin, it’s attracting the wrong crowd.

Anyway – this is some of my morning Tweeple haul “Husband , Father,Christian, Conservative Republican, Tech Geek”. (In my last post i admitted to being an anarchist communist Antichrist, from memory.) He got a message about the major typo in the header of his latest blog post, (how freaking Christian of me), as i do check, blogs and websites, before i add anyone now.

I didn’t follow him back – if i get a reply that seems to show a real human being as opposed to a bunch of nouns, I’ll consider it. Besides, i find it hard to believe if he’d even glanced at my blog he’d think to add me.

one of these for my troopers, or the my little pony carbine?

these for my troopers, or the my little pony carbine?

If we have nothing in common, (despite my wide range of expertise and interests) – and they don’t give good Tweets (and i don’t mean rehashed versions of what everyone else is Tweeting), then i don’t Follow back. “Internet Marketing Social Media Advertising Public Relations Strategy Search Engine Optimization.” Honestly – what is this dude going to say to me?

“G’day Your Majesty, let’s see about PR for your invasion of the stretch of coast between here and Newcastle.” I would crack him smartly with a riding crop, (I do ride, it’s not just an affectation), and say,

“FFS, we don’t need no steenking PR – anyone who doesn’t like me gets shot. Once the clips turn up on YouTube, most people will decide loving me is heaps better than the alternatives.”

“Had you thought about television ads?”

*sound of a body hitting the floor*

I wouldn’t waste bullets, this is what stilettos are for. The daggers, not the shoes. Though you could probably use a shoe, in a pinch. Yes, everyone, rise  up, and take off your shoes!

Don’t these people know anything about absolute monarchs? Next gem… website is all high tech marketing, posts could have been written by a monkey who mastered cut and paste. So no, i won’t Follow you back.

Salespeople think we can’t tell – well, some of us dabbled in many Dark Arts. And here’s where you go wrong. You can’t keep it up – eventually, mate, your insincerity stands out like roos’ balls.

How about this? “Marketing [blah blah blah] …create a positive cash f “. Yes, a positive cash f – just what i’ve always wanted! A positive cash fuckup? Flipper? Fairy? Ooh – a positive cash fairy! Hang on, i have to email!

make $$$ - ask me how!

make $$$ - ask me how!

Omg, it was actually the MLM troll. *spits cappuccino on the screen*

Why don’t people read over their own work? It’s extremely unprofessional when your spiel is truncated. And for you not to notice? Oh puh-leeze, impress someone else with your lack of basic business skills.

Not everyone is a potential customer, idiot.  “social and viral marketing is my passion” oh gee, i wonder if i’ll add him?

I did add a guy who’s a blog coach, but he seemed human. All the vocations people have today, it’s like a smorgasbord.

I started in sales. Oh, the horror. I have morals, you know – i can’t lie through my teeth to make a sale. Weird, how life turns out. Now that training helps me in the Twitterverse. Oh hey, i got one who’s a founder of a charity – they help poor children.

I’m just putting my hair in pigtails, the webcam in soft focus, and I’m off to pitch him. “Pwease, mithter, *snarls* your money or your life!” Oops, no, that will never do. Must tone it down. Perhaps just, “I’m the Queen of Darkness, *bright smile and let him see the Hello Kitty Kalashnikov under the coat *hand over the cash, and I’ll put a good word in with Dad.”

Simple is always best. I’ll Follow him back, give him a badge, maybe put a minion on him – to tail him and get his PIN numbers.

Oh – i did get Warlach this morning. (He’s human, and got Followed back.) On his blog, he’s playing one of those games (all automatic but you need to assemble your album cover in Photoshop or something) – generating a random band name, first album, and album cover. There are some amazing ‘first albums’ on his site – go see. This is mine.

i want to hear it

i want to hear it

While prepping this blog, I came across an article on how you should always follow back on Twitter, and was getting quite humpy disagreeing over it. Then he said, “You shouldn’t follow everyone, just your human followers… Twitter is rife with spammers, PR junk, and companies that follow you in the hope that you will follow them back. Don’t follow them.”

And i thought, oh, yes, exactly.


Title of this blog is from “Soldier Laddie“,  a song my (ex-Duntroon) Dad used to play at me when i was a kid. (Duntroon’s our version of West Point.)

Will ye stand in the band like a true Irish man,
For we go to fight the forces of the Crown

Irish Rebel songs, a good musical upbringing for your benevolent Aussie despot. There will be singing, and electric guitars. Sheila Bastard gets to sing lead – no other reason than she wants to.

Life’s not fair, but I’m holding the Hello Kitty Kalashnikov.


i visited the nazi party and lived

Well, actually, it was just a guy who said he was really right wing – he was quite funny, and put me onto this quiz on ‘how progressive are you?’

Now my nazi friend got 32 – so he was very unprog, but me, i scored.

omg, i'm a communist

omg, i'm a communist

Then i decided to click, and ‘see how other groups scored’

note, i scored 303

note, i scored 303

So, (if you can see that no US citizen gets over 247.1 on this test) what does this mean? Yes, I’m not American. I’m pretty normal here in Oz* – and according to the left wing of my family, i’m a right wing fascist. I tried to say, it’s anarchist monarchist**, but does anyone listen?

I made the mistake of saying to Mum that i didn’t think i’d vote Labor any more. They’re left wing, historically more so than the Democrats but they’re not very leftist any more – more centrist and moving towards totalitarianism.

Mum is not leftist – she would vote One Nation (anti-immigration, send the bastards back and kill the reffos***),  if they ran a candidate in her posh suburb. She told one sister, just to gloat. Of course, next thing there’s a sussuration of horror going round the country. Nobody bothered to ask me who i was voting for.

I was actually thinking of throwing my vote away, doing a protest vote, say voting Green. Then this so-called Labor government decided to make deals with the Family First party (out there with One Nation on the lunatic rightwing fringe), and bring in a filter to censor MY internet.

You’ve heard of it, right? *shakes head and groans* We already have the slowest net, now we’ll have the most censored of any democracy. We’re going to be like China (or Saudi Arabia, Iran, Burma/Myanmar – pick your dictatorship – and let’s not pretend China is communist, LOL.)

The Labor government want to bring in a net filter that your ISP will have to install, and blank out all adult content. Yes, that’s right, anything 18+ will be gone. You can opt in (and out yourself as a pervert) to get ordinary soft porn (omg, i can see her nipples) – but anything kinky (look at meh, i have a leather corset!) is going to be unavailable from an Australian ISP. No opting into that, it’s all going to be marked BAD and you’re not allowed to see. Despite it being legal.

They’re also going to ban some sites just because – already the list has been leaked, and most of the content is legal everywhere in Australia (except WA and areas of the NT where porn is banned). There are already mistakes – I’ve blogged about this in detail.

So, get your arse (it’s an Aussie butt, it’s an ARSE) to this site and at least sign the petition, or you’re about to lose the right to choose what you look at. Subscribe to this excellent blog for all the news up to the minute.

Progressive, moi? I’m going to flog any of you who don’t sign the petition – and not in a nice this-is-your-safeword-and-are-you-comfy kind of way – but i suppose i could have you shot, so it’s progressive. However, with me being a benevolent monarch – and uber-progressive – you get a prize.

a little token of my appreciation

a little token of my appreciation

Do something now, while the wowsers**** don’t have complete control of the country. The net is just the beginning, they’ve said, the rest of the country is next – we’ll be back to the sixties, with banned books and people being arrested for having breasts.

Vote me for Queen of Darkness.
I promise, i’ll never criminalise you for your body parts.

*Oz = Oztralia AKA Australia

**anarchist monarchist* you lot can do what you want,
but I get to be queen

*** reffos – refugees

**** wowsers the terminally prim who wouldn’t know fun if it bit them on their tight arses – and who want to inflict their narrow view of the world on us all.

N.B. in case it was a fluke, i went back, and scored 327, lol


natural born killers…

i was reading the very funny DavisW’s Blog which has two just fabulous interviews with his three cats. Remember, he came up with cat condoms first!

Anyway, the lovely pictures and funny text made me think of my own three cats, all sadly deceased, and how much i’d love a new cat. We can’t have animals here at all, in the House of Mould. They’ll let the roof leak, but heaven forbid we might have the comfort of a pet of any kind.

The first thing Mr Whatsit and I want when we move is a kitten or probably a pair. We’d like Siamese if we can find a chunky old-style one, but otherwise we’re both smitten with Burmese too.

I like all animals, but cats in particular are my people. When i was a baby, Mum had a pair of Siamese who acted as my nursemaids, and were incredibly tolerant. I remember having my head in the tom’s belly and pushing him across the floor like that.

They were a breeding pair of Seal Point Siamese, a few months older than me, Tarzan and Jane, supposed to make Mum  a fortune. She’d grown up with Siamese too, so it seemed the perfect business for a young Mum.

One problem, Jane was a slut. She’d get ‘with kitten’ to the black tom at the pub down the hill, and then come home, drop the litter for Tarzan to look after, which he did, while she went off gallivanting. He’d be sitting there, purring, little black kittens tumbling all over him, the proud dad.

After three litters of coal-black kittens, (Siamese are born white), Mum and Dad had enough and they were sold to separate homes. That was the last we heard of Jane, but Tarzan wasn’t going to let us go.

He turned up on the doorstep inside a day, from about five miles away, yowling abuse at my parents for sending him away. So we lived with a tom until I was seven.

He was very well behaved with people, trained us kids smartly in what he’d put up with, which was a heck of a lot, and never sprayed near the house. He did get into fights with other toms in the neighbourhood. I don’t know why my parents didn’t keep him in tom’s quarters, or at least in at night, but they never did. Amateur breeders can be a menace. Also, they’d never heard of an indoor cat.

Mum started getting worried about his ears getting ripped up with his fighting, so had him done at the age of seven – and he sailed through it despite all the people who say, omg, don’t neuter an older cat! He also didn’t get fat. He lived ‘til he was fourteen, which is old for a Siamese. By then his teeth were snaggled, but he still kept us in line with a swat of his paw.

Now, you may think, you’re safe. Your autocratic ball of fluff doesn’t have the distinctive point markings. In fact, he’s a baby ginger tom. Maybe a cute calico girl.

I hate to break it to you, but look at the ears. Yep, big ears means probably Siamese blood – could be Burmese. Either way, you’d better be preparing for a life of servitude. Don’t worry, they’ll make you laugh too.

Now, cats think they own us. It’s one of those things. However, Siamese, they’re different. They know they are Supreme Beings. Simple. We may worship Them. If They are in the mood.

People talk about freaky kids who were raised by wolves, and how young Wolfboy never did like his meat well-done. Me, i was raised by Siamese. It’s the only thing that explains me. Zen and the Art of World Domination isn’t a life path for just anyone. Omniscience means i can still hit you with my paw with my eyes crossed.

People always say, “Tiddles never lets anyone touch him” as their cat comes up to me, lets me pet it, then usually leaps into my lap and purrs at me. Often the owner gets a bit jealous as Tiddles makes a fuss of me and lets me do stuff to him when usually he won’t even come when called.

You shouldn’t be jealous. They recognise me, that’s all.

Yep, I’m white on the outside, Siamese on the inside.


what do you mean, you left out the stove?

I’ve been looking at rental houses – oh joy. Yeah, it’s quite funny, in a freaky kind of Lifestyle channel trainwreck decorators way.

My ex is an architect, i worked with him for 15 years, i’m interested in architecture, planning, project management, and interiors, but i’d think twice about designing my own house. I’d get the professional, the ex, to do a design. He’s excellent at the ‘tell me what you want, i’ll design a place to suit’ brief.

However, i’m obviously way too cautious, lol. God may be in the details when it comes to architecture, but i think he often runs out of money and has to bodge the build. Why else would you have a 6 bedroom, 4 bathroom house, 3 living areas, kitchen, pool, and oops… no parking. Not even a concrete pad.

Or the house in  a very hilly area, the house on one hilltop, and out across the back lawn, which is a valley, you climb down, then up, to the very back of the garden… where the clothesline is. lmfao.

The people one sees making awful mistakes (like the couple on the Sara Beeney renovation show who ended up with a 4 feet long garage), seem to be the norm. I saw a beauty where they’d obviously decided to put new cupboards in the kitchen, then realised they would block a window, so they put the cupboards up higher – so high, you needed a stepladder to get at any of them.

Charge into a project, sure nobody can tell you anything, and yes, you will end up with rooms like this.

oops, we left off the kitchen, quick, shove it there

oops, we left off the kitchen, quick, shove it there

Note how the cupboards can’t open next to the stove, (and it’s got a faulty door, which is hanging open to take up even more space), and it’s going to get very warm if you’re standing at the sink with the oven on. Oops, don’t knock a pot with your elbow. Your fridge will need to be slimline.Very slimline.

We’re not fussy, seriously, the current place has mould, and leaks when it rains. But that kitchen’s a mistake, not a workspace. It’s the decorating equivalent of the dickhead on Idol who won’t believe anyone when they say, but you’re no singer. This is no kitchen.

Or how about this – many landlords hoard furniture, then try to rent a place more expensively as ‘furnished’. Well, call me crazy, but this looks more like him getting cheap storage at the tenant’s expense.

You’re not hallucinating – the giant red couch is IN the kitchen.  There’s another pic where it shows how the arm of the couch is handy for when you lose your balance while washing up – it’s right there – and looking as grubby as a couch within a few feet of a kitchen sink and a stove can.

This is a classic “Furnished spacious 2 bedroom unit” – well, it was spacious.

403788534cl1235463745Turn sideways as you enter the room, watch your knees.

Another one – the bunks are breeding -and yes, being rented furnished, you have to store these somehow, lol.

In the same three bedroom apartment, a kitchen that’s quite tacky, and the tiling’s awful….

But wait… what’s that in the floor, near the sink?

You guessed it, for when you want to hose out the kitchen! It’s a drain hole in the middle of the floor. Classy. This place is not a bottom of the market place.

then, to set it all off, they try to impress with the bathroom…

Yes, i think it shows up quite nicely – i haven’t distorted that pic at all – but someone did, lol. It’s been stretched to make it look less pokey.

My absolute hate at the moment are the words  “owner has use of garage” – like people who rent don’t need to put tools or cars anywhere. The dreaded tatty furniture stockpiling continues.

All pics are from which is actually a good site – because if you see them in this kind of detail, you don’t waste your time and theirs doing a viewing.

There’s something i’ve forgotten…

Twitter has an estimated 6,000,000* members  – yeah, I was one of the first 6 million. *shines nails* Another milestone to tell my niece and nephew about. Niece is only five, and I am pretty sure she doesn’t even have her own email yet. Her mother doesn’t. How can you get to *pause while I figure out how old her mother is* …40 and not have your own email?

Oh, that reminds me, Nephew, (different mother, is 20) you are totally pwned, with the Twitter thing. Yeah, knowing all those massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG) by name, and being able to use one of those stupid Xbox controllers, doesn’t make you totally cool. You don’t have your fingertips pressed to the pulse of the digital zeitgeist. So nyah.

Oh – wait, no, he owns me after all. I’m a Luddite with my mobile phone so not a true Twitter (Twitterer? Twitter-er-er? I like Twitter-rah-rah.) I accidentally make movies when I’m trying to access the address book. Take pictures when I’m trying to turn the volume down. Sending text messages on it reduces me to tears.

I used to be able to SMS with my old phone, but this one I use so rarely that whenever I need to reply to a text, I’ve forgotten where the delete button is. I can build a freaking computer from parts, goddamnit!

I’ve never sent anything to the net from my phone, despite having this capability for nearly 2 years. Maybe it’s the cost – I don’t actually have the spare dollars, and the net is slooooooww in Australia, so everything is slower and costs more. (And they want to put a filter on top of that, to slow it more.)

Unless this latest bid for world domination succeeds financially I can’t see Twitter getting my number, besides, any ill-gotten gains will go on a better chair. Or cake.  Lol, though someone may send me a phonecard if I pitch it right.

Note to Self Re: Bid for World Domination No. 3409 – I have decided to stop writing seriously, and instead beg for cake and phonecards on the internet become an internet celebrity. No, don’t laugh! You’ll baulk me. I only want to be a small celebrity. It’s quite conceivable. I can be a small fish in a big pond.

TeeGarden/Nash collection

TeeGarden/Nash collection

Oh – speaking of world domination, if you Twitter, check out DarthVader – yep, I have joined the Dark Side. Seriously, they have laughter. Twitter will never get my phone-number, lol. Wait, don’t say never, that’s a way of guaranteeing I’ll have to eat my words. Like the time about two years ago when I said huh, blogging is for fucktards.

In my defence, the one blog I’d read was a woman justifying her lurve for a married man she saw once a month. Did I mention, I’m judgemental? Yeah, if you act like a fucktard, I’ll probably assume you are one.

Good news, I finally (after first noticing it a couple of days ago) found out what SXSW is! I thought it was something to do with Science Fiction. (Didn’t really read it properly.) No, I can’t tell you what it means. I’m not being mean, I don’t remember.

You have your own browser, lift those fingers and Google. I do remember it used to be a music festival in Texas, but it has several names, and it’s a big multimedia digital festival thingie now. And the SXSW stands for S x SW or South By SouthWest. (Duh, lol.)  Yeah, I relented and put in a link. I’m not always cruel.

I’ve read a lot yesterday, you can’t expect me to remember everything. I’ve been slacking completely over my book, which I’m annoyed over. I did blog, read blogs, managed to pay the bills, and I went OUT and shopped. Oh – and I did the normal human things like eat and shower, I even cooked a fabulous dinner, so I suppose I’m not that much of a slacker.

Feck, I missed masturbating!
Not superwoman after all.

NB It’s called Tweeting, not Twitting, Twatting, Twottering, or Twutting
or any of the other cool names i thought of.

*originally, this post said 100,000 , but in hindsight, I thought that can’t be right – though (i thought) someone Tweeted it on Sunday night. There are people (the US President) with 500,000+ followers. Maybe i’m just part of the first million? I tried to look back to see who’d said that on Sunday and Twitter didn’t respond well. I did some research… ah, yes, must be a million or more. Note, the figure of nearly a million unique users late last year was only people using a certain cellphone – so i’m part (possibly) of the first (at least) million or more.

Then i found another bit of news, where they said 5 million. *sighs* Then someone else said 6 million.


argh, my house is trying to kill me

A couple of years ago, we were flooded, thigh-high downstairs. I’d noted to a bunch of people, including stupid doctors who didn’t deserve the title five medical professionals, that my extreme allergy problems and other weird symptoms started right after those floods. The medical professionals all just nodded, said yes, you’re definitely ill, and drew no conclusions.

A total of 3 general practitioner doctors (the first two reached a point where they just said, sorry, I don’t know what’s wrong with you, can I give you more pills for the symptoms?), and at least no.3 is still trying. The 2 specialists were likewise stumped (rafts of tests showed nothing wrong with my heart or my eyes). I was about to hit another specialist, this time for allergy testing (I’ve been waiting since last August for the appointment, which they promise to let me know4 weeks in advance, but haven’t yet).

I was sure (despite the battery of tests for everything from cancer to MS to diabetes to congestive heart failure), that i had SOMETHING. Either that or it was all psychosomatic, and I had, at last, gone completely nuts – either way, lol, it was crushing me.

I have disabilities – my spine and knees haven’t forgiven me for all the car accidents, and  I also have Post Viral Syndrome  from 15 years ago -right after my last car accident i got a doozy of a sore throat, and tried to keep working. It was so bad, i even went to the doc, something i rarely did in those days. Let me be a warning to you – don’t soldier on.

On a practical level, the PVS means my immune system works overtime (I don’t get colds badly most of the time, but when i get one, it means my immune system’s been trashed, and i’m in trouble), and i tend to get overtired- i’ve learned to live with it, but then the floods hit.

We cleaned up at the time, and our prompt action stopped the carpets from going mouldy and there from being much visible mould.

I’d been working hard to get healthier, but despite losing over 20kg (45lbs) and giving up smoking cigarettes, i was still sick as a bloody dog.  I was even thinking pity i don’t like tobacco, seeing giving up has done bugger all for my health. (Yeah, after 16 months the nicotine still speaks to me, lol, but i don’t listen to that bitch-mistress any more.)

I was thinking I’d rewash the worst places for the mould, and went to look up online the best way. I use a wash of lemon oil (10 drops) and 200ml vinegar (about a cup) in half a bucket of water, which works well and doesn’t set off my allergies the way Exit Mould does. Then  I saw this piece on mould (mold), and then this .pdf file on Flooding, how you always get massive amounts of mould after only 2 days of floods (we had 4).

A woman and her family in the piece on mould had all my symptoms, and my partner’s – symptoms that look like asthma, heart problems, allergies, sinus, lungs, and so on. OMIGOD, i have a mould sensitivity, and so does the man in the house. Continue reading

Better two days as a tiger…

Better two days as a tiger...

food chain rebellion

I’m loose on the weal wide web! This is so exciting. Should I go on a rant, or introduce myself? I’m working my way up from nearly evil to where I can register as pure, organic, killing-baby-whales kind of evil, so i figure, now I’m on wordpress i can go all the way!

The quote on the picture is from Tipu Sultan, the last king to die on a battlefield in recent history.  In 1799, he was killed fighting the British. I actually know that out of my own head, thanks to working on a project about him some ten years ago. (Then I got paranoid, and checked, lol. I’ve smoked enough weed in my time to get most of Europe high, I shouldn’t know my own name.)

Now, let’s see, that’s drugs mentioned, and with any luck I’ve been a bit controversial with the artwork, but have i mentioned sex? *checks* Ooh, no,  but i have alluded to being evil. It’s a start.

Above artwork is mine (I changed it enough that it’s something new) but go ahead and use it (non-commercially), just link back here.  Variations are on hundreds of blogs. I would like to credit the person who started it, if anyone knows.