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When the Writer first published her book “The Birthday Dragon” she didn’t have a nom-de-plume sorted, and put the main character’s name on the cover as writer. A series of misadventures and many house-moves later, the Writer woke up in Queensland, and decided she needed a penname. So Lee Abrey was born. It’s a riff on her name. Not quite her name but close enough that she can answer to it.

Soon it will be time to put Lee on the net as she republishes the first book as “Polo Shawcross: The Birthday Dragon” (or whatever she decides it should be named) and at the same time, Book 2, tentatively “Polo Shawcross: Dragon Soldier”

In the meantime, there’s her blog. Enjoy. And as Godley and Creme said (in their song about the music biz) “Art for art’s sake. Money for God’s sake.”

She recommends other people do not do self-publish. Yes, you have control, a larger cut of royalties, whatever, but frankly, give her good printers, publicists, editors, and a marketing budget!

Being an auteur is greatly over-rated.
And rather hard work – writing the bloody books was hard enough.





In other news: I am the Antichrist and possibly evil nearly evil. The rumour that I’m quite nice is completely unfounded, and I never go round the net doing good deeds.

It wasn’t me. I suspect I may have an evil twin who’s trying to besmirch my rep and blow the Antichrist gig.

Yep, pretty much bad to the bone, so I’m told. It’s much better to be evil, people’s expectations are lower. Seriously. Look at Rupert Murdoch. Do I need to explain further? 1960 vintage. Female. I answer to Lee Abrey/ Sheila Smith/Bastard/ or Queen NomNomDePlume. Sometimes NomNom. Or Your Majesty. Or Queenie. Or stinginthetail (on Twitter). Occasionally Sting, even once, Tailie. Astonishingly, he lived.

Thank heaven for my friends (particularly my Twitter network) and Mr Whatsit, who’ve kept me going through some of the worst years of my life.


Politically, I am unaligned but leftist, as a result of long exposure to activism, idiot committees, student politics, hippies, every shade of the political spectrum, politicians, and either terrorists or freedom fighters, depending which side of the various wars you came down on.

All of them hated each other more than their political enemies, and spent so much time fighting stupid squabbles with their own people that they let the greedy and corrupt take over. I really am so cynical about politics I cannot take it seriously. Even though I shout on Twitter.

So, instead of being political, I have decided to be an Anarchist Monarchist, which means I get to be queen, the rest of you can do what you want. Providing it’s what I say, of course. *waves the Hello Kitty Kalashnikov* Don’t worry, I don’t know how to get the safety off.

Mind you, I’m a dab hand at Google, I could find out in about 2 seconds flat. If the net is working. It doesn’t always, quite a trial for a would-be world dictator. Ahem, I mean benevolent despot ruler of course.


Copyright Notices – this blog is copyright!

This Blog is Copyright 2009 to date of the writer who identifies as Sheila NomNomDePlume – AKA @stinginthetail, AKA a number of other names as detailed in the posts.

Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited.

Short excerpts (less than 10% of any post) and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to, with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

I love that you laugh or think over my words/pics and want to quote/link me – please do.

Any Commercial Use (or use of more than 10% of any post)
Without the Writer’s Express Consent is Forbidden.
You steal my work, I’ll track you down and kill you.

Wait, that should be “issue you with a take-down notice and your ISP/Google Blogger/Wordpress will do the killing, purely on a metaphorical level.”

I can be contacted at stinginthetale [at hotmail dot com]
Note, not the same name as this blog.

Copyright 2009-17

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