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Not Waving But Frowning

jeez… i dunno. Depressed blog. Reading reviews is bad for the soul


The Best Things in Life

How my self-publishing career has flagged. How i’m going to re-start it. Yes, free e-books soon.

I will never do that…

Ranting about the Olden Days, and how one should never say never.

Self-imposed Social Media Exile: Day 37

A small rant on the latest news from my corner of the Universe about my social media exile. Which will be posted on Twitter and Facebook. Oh teh lolz.

welcome to my award-winning blog

i win an award for my blog – omg – so i pass it on. I tell secrets.

Did i ever pretend to be normal?

What does nurture-versus-nature mean to someone raised by Siamese cats? Do i often kill people out of boredom, or have i overcome that part of my upbringing? The voices take over the blog…

natural born killers…

How i was raised by Siamese cats. Which of course, explains everything.