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The gingerbread rush is over…

A word of caution to the home penectomy market, contained in the usual rant. I am sad about the fickleness of the gingerbread people.


Happy Birthday to Me

My birthday musings on how Google works, why it’s good to be happy, how to peel an emo, the nature of humanity, complete maggots… and ponies.

so, how big is your virtual penis?

I hardly rant at all, though i am quite sarcastic, with frank discussion of virtual penis size. I wish death to Tony Robbins disciples. Yes, there’s sexual innuendo. I also swear. It’s a lovely day.

is everyone nude?

Cranky words from me… and musings on the people who accidentally find my blog

Get your cult membership here

Musings on meaning, penectomies, culting up my appeal, and the dangers of rugby league. The voices-outside-my-head win through.

let me whip up some hysteria

Rant about media, contained in nice outer shell of castration, penis removal, and the flu, brought to you by the voices-outside-my-head.

Waffle waffle snarl, snarl waffle snarl

In which i wax lyrical over the local wildlife, and the local fucktards.