So, i just set my four books to free. Cos you can give away books on Smashwords, just don’t expect to sell many. Why free? Why not?


Maybe someone bored out of their mind on coronavirus lockdown will have some happy days and nights reading my witty and oh so sexy prose, (about the adventures of a young man named Polo Shawcross, his family’s attempts to kill him, and his personal inability to keep his trousers on, and what you might get when you splice genes).

Australia is doing okay compared to a lot of places, and everyone’s currently saying “Well, we could be worse off, we could be in the USA.” Sorry if you’re in the USA, i guess that’s not very reassuring, and as deaths there go past 3,000 i can only say i’m glad Trump stopped putting the economy first, even if it was out of fear his base will all die because he told them originally the coronavirus scare was a Democrat hoax.

My ex in London lives next to a supermarket (almost) and can’t seem to get anything there.

I went to the shops today, there were stocks of toilet paper, fresh milk or UHT, bread, fruit and veg, even some flours, sugar and pasta, tinned things, (still no hand sanitiser or isopropyl alcohol but apparently the world stocks of that somehow ended up wherever all the loo paper went at first).

I squealed aloud when i saw the toilet rolls. As i said to the woman laughing at me, i never thought i’d squeal over loo rolls.

There are lines taped everywhere on floors, signs too, saying you have to stand HERE or THERE and people understandably not noticing (cos we’re all immured to massive shouting signs at the supermarket), just diving in where they see a free till, then being Social Distance Shamed by me and the checkout operator (behind a massive perspex shield), who tried to wave the woman back but i freaked. “Please! Don’t stand so close to me!”

I actually said that. I know, then i had to talk the poor lass down from her incipient hysteria… we’re all on edge. She’d just managed to get herself an 8-pack of toilet paper and the checkout person and I really messed with her happy high. Was okay, we all parted friends.

A lot of that going on, which is actually fkn beautiful. People start to shout, then say hang on, sorry, what did you mean? Or sorry, (like me at the checkout) i’m immuno-compromised and scared shitless. Because we all are.

It’s becoming clear that this (variant of?) Covid-19 is not just for old people, fat people, or people with existing lung conditions or other ill health. A healthy 21 year old girl died in the UK, babies have been infected, children have died, and (formerly) healthy men and women too. And so many doctors. In the USA, the death toll has passed 9-11.

Many healthy people (not just in USA) didn’t need to die. They could have been saved with enough space in Intensive Care Units but those were simply overwhelmed.

Or as in the case of one unfortunate young man in California, he was turned away because he had no insurance.

And still some people don’t care, they think healthy people don’t get it, and their lives are being RUINED by trying to keep those ‘fat old sick and very fkn surplus’ humans alive.

There are no citations here, but it’s all stuff i’ve tweeted about (researched ad nauseum, and cited). I’m not taking my news from Fox or Sky (news and Fox or Sky just don’t go together, propaganda outlets for the far Right as they both are), i look at a variety of respected sources (BBC, ABC Australia, Guardian, The Conversation, Al Jazeera, some US/UK broadsheets and so on) and then not-so respected (say commercial types like CNN or Australia’s ‘free to air’ excuses for tv stations).

I try to find proof. I did English at university, so i look at the language used, try to find the truth underneath.

For instance, despite massive numbers of people reporting buses coming from Sydney (or other cities) and taking everything from country town shops, there hasn’t been one picture of people doing it. I don’t doubt humans are doing it somewhere, cos, yanno, humans, but it may not be as widespread as people are (oh so hysterically) claiming.

The thing is? We’re scared.

Rumours spread like wildfire, the government’s failure to act initially (not out of denial, which would be bad enough, but because they were protecting their corporate and billionaire donors), have left us with coronavirus clusters.

They let people go to the football (the PM even claimed he was going, then didn’t), or they let the PM’s pentecostal mates run an event at Hillsong (100’s of dollars per ticket, then there’s the merchandising, cos Hillsong is so holy they get given the money by God. Or suckers like you.)

And hey presto, more corona virus clusters, including one in the Barossa Valley in South Australia where US tourists who allegedly went to Hillsong in Sydney then went on a winery tour about a thousand miles away (infecting people as they went).

The “attending Hillsong” bit, i’ll admit, not 100% proven, but it’s close enough we can say it, especially if i chuck in an ‘allegedly’.

Of the party of five, 2 then ran away. Not allegedly. Yep, they managed to get on a plane, (after being exposed to the coronavirus and told they had to quarantine) and fled the fkn country. If the USA wonders why they’re getting cases from outside, your airports are still open to returning citizens.

I do hope they never get to come back here. Scum. That’s all fact. If they are Hillsongers (wonder how the entire NYC Hillsong hierachy got the virus), it’s a big kick up the arse to anyone who thinks their pseudo christian Prime Minister follows anything Jesus actually said.

Slomo is living up to his nickname (also to Scummo) and can’t give to humans for weeks, but gave over $700 MILLION to Qantas 2 weeks ago. And now Qantas and Virgin have asked for BILLIONS more. Each. Talk about corporate welfare. Maybe he should be Scammo.

Scott Morrison is giving money to bosses to pay workers (oh, like that’s not gonna cause some serious grifting, and anyway, it’s not until May). He has not stopped torturing the unemployed (yes, yes, they’re giving them a temp payrise, but it’s not until the end of fkn APRIL). Pensioners getting the $750 Stimulus payment are still waiting (as of 1st April i know ONE person who got it and Slomo says oh, should be done by 17th,) Yes, there is another one in the pipeline, but that’s not until after mid-fkn-July!

Do I think doubling the dole is a good thing? I think it’s great and having last been on the dole for a while about 20 years ago, i can concur it was THEN impossible to actually live on – but now it’s only as much as the Age Pension, and you don’t have to talk to many pensioners to know how hard it is to survive.

Disabled get the same rate – and we have to pay for medicine, therapies, disability aids, and specialists (many don’t bulkbill or have huge gaps to pay). Former PM Tony Abbott cut the pension in real terms by linking it to almost non-existent inflation instead of the cost of living, and 7 years later, it’s made an awful difference.

The other thing about the so-called doubling? It’s being called the Coronavirus Supplement, so they can remove it again once the heat is off them.

The funniest part is watching Slomo and his band of merry cnuts all pretend that they aren’t actually doing Labor type socialist programs, ones that only a month ago they were saying were commie nonsense and would never happen on their watch. Cos yanno, dole-bludging crippled scum….

Oh – forgot, yeah. Hillsongers think disabled and poor are sinners. So God is punishing them AND THEY DESERVE IT. However, give lots of $$$ to Hillsong, catch coronavirus there, possibly let your children be molested by a pastor or three, (but ffs don’t try to sue anyone!) and shazam! You’ll be ok.

I’m over churches. Completely. Tax the bastards now. Hard.

Of course, the silver lining to this is watching all the selfish money-driven people who voted for the current government lose their shit, cos suddenly (as someone told me on Twitter) their tenant has left, they only have $500 a week income now, plus savings, oh and of course the two houses they own. They are thtwuggling tho tho hard! Their income and savings and the two houses mean they don’t qualify for the pension, which means the someone was really very fkn well off.

I have no savings, and  live on ~$500 a week all the time (for 15 yrs, and in the beginning, it was less than that). I pay $205 rent, $50 on a debt (nearly paid, woohoo!), and then that last $245 covers power, phone/tv/net, water, car (petrol, insurance, rego), .. did i mention my meds are $120+ a week? Oh, then food. No, i’m not sure how i manage either, but i’m a fkn good administrator. The good drugs help – but the government won’t put medical marijuana on the PBS (so giving us a chance to live without spending $100’s a month on pain relief).

I managed to get a credit card 4 years ago, and that completely changed my life. I could do emergency car repairs without having to save for 5 months or more. But of course, i can only repay so much, so can’t let the card get too high. If i do, I have to get my nearly 90 year old mother to help out when the worst happens.

So, someone complaining they live rent free, own 2 homes, AND have savings, while trying to survive on the total i get a week?

Well, what’s that lovely German word? No, not verdammt. I mean Schaden-freude. It’s taking pleasure from the unhappiness of another. I have mentioned it before in these pages. But when you’re trying to claw your way out of the Underclass, people who voted for the Nazis because they wanted to preserve their legal tax rorts really don’t get my sympathy.

Finally, my love to everyone – yes, everyone.

You see, that is actually the Christian way. Jesus did not tweet,

i ❤ $$ and btw teh lepers totes sinners, deserve to be kicked to death cos God does not ❤ them. #fuckthepoor #kickacripple #JC4eva #GodIsHate #BeJellyCosISoRich #HumpYrNeighboursWifeNOW #prosperitygospelFTW

Jesus did say love of money interfered with our spiritual and personal growth. So Hillsong is perverting the Word of God to an extent that should make an actual Christian want to vomit.

Am i a Christian? God no! (Though obvs Hillsong makes me want to vomit.) But i am someone who has thought about my own moral code and ethical framework (and the contradictions therein) and try to live by what i do believe. And i do know some things…. everyone needs some love right now. Don’t be afraid, we’ll get through this.

You see, i’ve done this before – been to the End of the World, and back. I thought i would die, or starve slowly, the government did absolutely nothing to help me – the opposite, it had defunded the organisations designed to help people in distress or under attack from Australia. Which is silly, because disaster is part of our lives here.

I swear, if my country was human, it would be much more cranky than i am- even the trees here try to kill people. They drop branches cos, “Oops, i was feeling a bit dry.” They leap out at drivers on otherwise straight roads. I like to think it’s sort of the Dreaming’s revenge on us stupid whitefellas, but of course, trees are colourblind, unlike humans, and only kill for the fun of it.

Kangaroos also. Though considering how many trees are felled and roos killed each year, you can’t blame either of them. Feel should point out, most roos die as they suicide on cars and trucks (and can kill the humans hiding inside). Though roos can attack people, it’s rare (most used to humans just hit you up for a snack). They will attack dogs – but mostly it’s ones raised by people that try to attack people (usually, they’re raping something, male roos are very male).

It’s the fkn koalas you really need to look out for, they’re the really angry Australians, lurking in the trees, dropping down silently, claws out, their razor fangs dripping with ichor and a special venom that makes your sex organs swell up and fall off. Fluffy, cute, and lethal.

Well, I suppose our native fauna are the angry Australians obviously apart from the blackfellas, who also would be within their rights to kill us all for fun but instead cop all the shit Australia throws, then get to try to survive whatever the government is doing to them this year – if you think torture, oppression, death, and despair, you are on the right track. Just think “and for over 200 years.”

So with that in mind, and keeping on with the love thang, let’s go time travelling, back to the 1980’s and the wonderful Warumpi Band.

I can’t put the vid up (WordPress wants money to do that) so i’ll leave a link, and some of the words – the vid should open in a new window.

It’s a live performance, give it  a few seconds while they get the gains sorted, and enjoy… (sadly, i need to give the warning that at least one of the people in this video has since died, and so anyone upset by this should not click the link)

YouTube Link: Warumpi Band 1987 “Blackfella Whitefella”
Below is an excerpt from the lyrics

….Blackfella, whitefella, yellafella, anyfella
It doesn’t matter what your color
As long as you a true fella

All the people of different races
With different lives in different places
It doesn’t matter which religion
It’s all the same when the ship is sinking

We need more brothers if we’re to make it
We need more sisters if we’re to save it

Are you the one who’s gonna stand up and be counted?
Are you the one who’s gonna be there when we shout it?
Are you the one who’s always ready with a helping hand?
Are you the one who understands this family plan?

Stand up, stand up and be counted
Stand up, stand up and be counted…

Songwriters: George Djilaynga / Neil James Murray
Blackfella/Whitefella lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

May you all stay safe. We’re going to make it together.

Blog Post
copyright 2020 Lee Abrey

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