Plans, plans, and damned plans…

So there i was, trying to get the books edited so i could release them all by Christmas at the latest while moving house. Then moving got cancelled (as i mentioned in the last blog post). Cool, i thought, rerouting of opportunity!

I would get the books out sooner! I blogged it, so of course that plan’s just gone by the wayside. It’s for a damn fine reason though – i may have found a publisher. I’m not going to name them just yet, because i want to be able to say rude things about them if they reject me. 

The bad news? It’s going to take some time. Possibly a year.

Do i want to wait that long? If it means getting published in paper and getting access to a big company’s PR/Marketing, then fk yeah.

Disenchantment is setting in with the Smashwords ebook-only model anyway – i want my books available on paper. So many people won’t touch e-books, but say they’d happily buy a copy if it was available as a book. I’ve even got friends and family who haven’t read the ebooks because they can’t wrap their heads around reading off a screen – or they only have smartphones, and reading a novel on a smartphone is wearying.

Also an option is self-publishing on paper, via some kind of crowdfunding effort. I’ve decided this is my next step if rejected – and i’ll be ready to go, thanks to not moving, as i’ll have time to figure out crowdfunding, pricing of book printing, and so on.

At same time, need to finish the edits so Books 2 and 3 are done. Book 1 The Birthday Dragon is still Top of the Smashwords charts (No.1 at any price on both Fantasy General Epic and Sci Fi Epic) – which is quite shocking, cos it’s been out for 5 years now.

Meanwhile, there is cake in the fridge. Homemade Persian Love Cake, with almonds, pistachios, cardamom and nutmeg. To be served with homemade Greek yoghurt.

Yeah, you’re not going to win against that kind of pull. I’m off.

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