Stasis or Redirection…

Well, i’ve mentioned before plans are ill-advised, which considering my spreadsheet addiction is kinda funny.  Still, spreadsheets have that snazzy built-in elasticity provided by formulae, which is handy, because yet again, my plans have changed. On the bright side, i’m going to get the chance to finish my books, which i’m just taking a break from to do this post.

On the darker side, we’re stuck in this house til mid-next year. Cue unhappy face. Mr Whatsit is not doing well with stairs, and we really wanted to find somewhere with less, but the beloved Tank, who is quite elderly, needed some parts.

She’s been much-cossetted and never driven hard, which means at 20, some of her bits are just giving up, having never been changed cos they never wore out at 10 years like most cars would expect.

Despite being a Euro import, her bits are cheaper than a Toyota, according to her mechanic, but with a bill over $1,000 for parts alone, that news was not as soothing as he meant it to be.

So moving is delayed. Could be worse, i could be trapped in NSW. And at least i’m going to get the books out.

Oops… that’s a plan. Damn, we know what happens to those.

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