Monthly Archives: October 2016

Plans, plans, and damned plans…

So there i was, trying to get the books edited so i could release them all by Christmas at the latest while moving house. Then moving got cancelled (as i mentioned in the last blog post). Cool, i thought, rerouting of opportunity!

I would get the books out sooner! I blogged it, so of course that plan’s just gone by the wayside. It’s for a damn fine reason though – i may have found a publisher. I’m not going to name them just yet, because i want to be able to say rude things about them if they reject me.  Continue reading


Stasis or Redirection…

Well, i’ve mentioned before plans are ill-advised, which considering my spreadsheet addiction is kinda funny.  Still, spreadsheets have that snazzy built-in elasticity provided by formulae, which is handy, because yet again, my plans have changed. Continue reading