Welcome to the future!

It’s finally happened, after 6 years of serious pining, i’ve got a smartphone. Android, which is what i wanted – i’m just not an i-Person. And it was free – you can’t get better than that unless you’ve been paid to have a phone, in which case yr the kewlest kid of all.

Me, i was about to lose connectivity (my old phone was 10 yrs old and about to be obsolescent) and Telstra gave me a phone – talk about freaking surprised. I’m busy catching up with all those things everyone else has been doing for years – yes, swiping, looking at apps and trying to get my phone to understand my speaking voice. Which it does! Coming in late on tech can be great, you get something that works pretty well right out of the gate.

I’m loving it. I can talk to Google, keep a coherent calendar, and use my enormous (barely touched) home data allowance on my phone even when i’m out of range of my home network. That’s thanks to Telstra Air – i share a bit of my super fast cable broadband with everyone in my suburb (who’s signed up to Telstra Air),which hasn’t slowed my net at all, if you’re wondering if it’s ok. Mind you, i’m on cable, 36mbs – on my old NSW ADSL 6mbps i’d probably be stuffed. The advantage for me, I get to share other people’s internet or use Telstra’s hotspots. At last, i can use the net while on the move.

Finally, i’ve caught up with the state of most of my friends’ phones back in 2009 when i joined Twitter.
Next, i expect my flying car.

Progress on the books?

Progress on recovering from what my doctor’s calling major abdominal surgery?
(After everyone at the hospital pre-op pretended it was only slightly worse than an ear-piercing?)
Excellent – according to doc i’m doing very well.

Progress on finding somewhere to live?
Ongoing, moving’s supposed to be sometime in the next 6 weeks,
so wish me luck
…or sacrifice me a geek
(cheaper than goats, thanks to over-supply.)

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