Facing Facts

Happy 2016. Um, yeah, another year. And another house move. Quite soon. So i can’t release Books 2 and 3, because i simply don’t have time. Along with being on hospital waiting lists, my life is taken up with househunting.

I remember when nightclubbing and fashion were my passions. Now it’s a good night’s sleep and getting through the week. I have boxes to pack, houses to view, and my new computer still isn’t quite sorted, but it’s nearly there. Mr Whatsit is facing another spinal op, so can’t be much help.

Releasing the next two books and hoping (without any promotion) they’ll do well is stupid, and after what happened with Book 1 (it was invisible for the first 10 weeks of publication) i really am trying not to be stupid about it.

However, despite feeling quite depressed, something nice is going on – i just looked at Smashwords.

And The Birthday Dragon is Number 1 in the Highest Rated in Sci Fi over 100k words and under $2.99. Number 1 in the same Fantasy list too. It drops down a bit if you remove the filters – number 11 in Highest Rated Sci Fi (any length or price) and 13 in Highest Rated Fantasy (any length or price) , but still pretty good. Especially when you consider it’s up against free stuff.

Smashwords removed a bunch of fake reviews which meant a few authors dropped right down the listings.  The Birthday Dragon’s holding the front page in the Smashwords Highest Rated (in ALL genres) at 19.

If i can only get the other two out, i expect it to pick up, and i’ll also have a chance to get on the bestsellers lists. However, realistically (and as the title says, i’m facing facts) i won’t be able to do it until after i move.

So apologies (again) and I’ll see you soon-ish. Is April soon?

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On Twitter as @stinginthetail. I write as Lee Abrey. Free copy of my top-rated book Polo Shawcross: The Birthday Dragon at http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/63286 View all posts by stinginthetail

3 responses to “Facing Facts

  • babbsela

    Best of luck with the moving and all of life’s challenges. I look forward to the release of 2 & 3. No rush, you have plenty to do. I just know there are LOTS of people clamoring for the rest of the story!

  • stinginthetail

    omigod, how did i miss this?? Just shows what kind of high level distracting life’s been doing. Thanks for the good wishes, just getting everything back on track (that’s a euphemism for ‘less derailed’) and it’s already April! xx

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