I am writing this from the Stone Age…

Yeah, net problems, expected to persist for at least a couple of weeks. (Hint to any despot trying to take over world via net – don’t do it from Australia. My marketing campaign is kinda floundering without reliable telephone or net.)

Trying to consider it a useful break to catch up on writing, but I miss Twitter and the baby hippos. Oh yeah, and don’t ask me about Rupertgate, i am totally out of the loop.

The guest post i did for MYOB went very well, by the way – thanks to all my Beloved Minions Visitors who dropped across to read and comment, it’s good for us all to go travelling every so often. And gosh, the discipline of writing short stuff. *waffles on for hours*

In the meantime, if you haven’t read my book yet, then you don’t know why it’s *drumroll please*…. Number 6 on the Smashwords Highest Rated Science Fiction Fantasy Chart.

Ha, am totally going to sell some more copies soon – come on people, we’re into double figures! Funny, i never thought i’d be critically acclaimed (at least by readers) and it wouldn’t translate into sales. I am pretending it will be fine, and writing Book 2, while finding typos in Book 1.

Mr Whatsit says patience. I say patience my arse, i’m going to kill something, it will be good publicity. The others, i tell him darkly, will fall into line. Unfortunately, without a decent internet, i can’t generate proper fear PR so the stupid woman across the road who thinks my yard is her right of way is safe… for now.

Hint – The Birthday Dragon is at Number 6 because it’s excellent. Read the reviews, they say so too.

If JRR Tolkien, Douglas Adams, Jane Austen and Phillip K Dick were to collaborate on a book, they might write something like this.”

I totally meant to do that.  (No, i don’t think i’ll ever get bored with that review. All of them are ravishing, but it’s also v handy for quotes.)

The cool people who do know why Polo Shawcross is so irresistible (and an idiot) are giggling at jokes, discussing his inability to keep his pants on, and demanding to know when Book 2 is out.

In time for Christmas, if i manage to finish it. Plot is fine, book half-written (Book 3 is in same state) but being fleshed out.

Why aren’t you missing Polo Shawcross already? You can read 20% free here, along with those beautiful reviews. And it’s only $4.99 – it’s available on Smashwords (in all e-reader formats), Barnes&Noble, Kobo, and in the Apple store.

If you don’t have an ereader, no excuses (you don’t want me coming round your place and crying on you, do you?) because you can get  free Kindle software for the PC or Free Kindle Software for the Mac.

I’ve downloaded the PC version – it’s really very good. Much nicer reading experience on a screen. Now, let’s see if i’m able to post this.

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About stinginthetail

On Twitter as @stinginthetail. I write as Lee Abrey. Free copy of my top-rated book Polo Shawcross: The Birthday Dragon at http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/63286 View all posts by stinginthetail

6 responses to “I am writing this from the Stone Age…

  • koosli

    I keep going to open my ebook reader and realising I’ve finished and there’s still months until the next one comes out. It’s like running over your kitten and having to wait until Christmas to get a new kitten. Sort of.

    • stinginthetail

      lol – yes, exactly sort of like that 🙂 Will be quick as i can, promise.

      It’s writing in the dark time for me, i can see people are enjoying, tiny blips of light across the world. Is quite lovely, for all i whine about wanting more readers.

      Either i’ve finally reached Zen, or that was a Bikkie of Doom i had after lunch. *floats off*(a Bikkie is a Cookie)

  • Jean

    “If you don’t have an ereader, no excuses ”
    Err… I *so* know you’re talking about me, just about me and only about me… I saw you glaring at me as you wrote that…
    *cowering behind the sofa*
    But I so love print books which I can read before sleep. You really should consider handing out a few print copies for primitives like me!
    Can I come out from behind the sofa now?

  • stinginthetail

    aw, the ebook version does come in PDF, which prints well, but true, it’s not as good as a book – I love print books too – and i don’t have a laptop, so can’t take it to bed

    I would love to do a print version, but it’s just too expensive – with no agent and no publisher, and zero funding, for now it’s the ebook only. (I looked at sites that allow print on demand, and wasn’t impressed, to be honest- the prices charged make bank fees look reasonable.)

    • Jean

      Yeah, I know… my own book of short stories is print-on-demand.
      No problem, you’re fast reaching the top of the best selling list, soon publishers and agents will be after you for the book 2, and yes – that means a print copy!!

      • stinginthetail

        Ah, wasn’t sure how you’d done it – i looked at local printing costs (in australia) and thought no way.

        Must correct you over the best seller thing – though i’d love to let that assumption stand, lol, but mine’s not a best seller. Am sure it’s on the Sales charts, but not very high up 😀

        Seven weeks after release, it is at 6 on the Highest Rated SFF charts – which are based on reader ratings… http://www.smashwords.com/books/category/875/highlyrated/0/any/longs (Though it may have moved in the meantime, the charts seem fairly fluid.)

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