10 Reasons Not to Follow Me on Twitter

You see a lot of people begging you to follow them on Twitter, so they can get a bigger Follower list. You shouldn’t follow me. Not at all. I can hardly keep up with the Followers i have. I probably won’t follow you back, so don’t do it.

In fact, i bet i can think of ten more reasons why you shouldn’t follow me.

1. I’m not always on a lot every day, but i make up for absences withย  a high typing speed. If you’re not following many people, you’ll get a wall of me. “Many” in this case means less than about three hundred very chatty people.

2. I’ll follow you back, then decide oops, you’re not for me after all, and unfollow. Unless you happen to try to Direct Message me (to send a DM, the other person has to be following you back) or use a program like Twitter Karma to show you who’s unfollowed you, you’ll never notice.

3. Sometimes i divest myself of followers in drug-induced frenzies housekeeping binges, by Blocking then Unblocking. This makes them unfollow me too, which i figure is fairer than just unfollowing, as i don’t really want you to follow me on Twitter. Once i did it to about 500 people, so don’t feel special don’t get paranoid.

4. I talk about my writing. A lot. Everyone on my twitter list gets to know the #amwriting hashtag, because i tweet to it usually a couple of times a day. (It’s a writers’ group on Twitter founded by @johannaharness, who’s a very nice person to follow, to find out more, click on link – opens in new window.)

5. I rant. Pretty much all the time. I shout about religion, feminism, humanism, politics, bigotry, getting older, um…ย  sorry ,what was i saying? Politically, I’m an anarchist monarchist, which means lots of shouting. I get to be queen, and you can do what you like. Unless i’m right there, and bossing you round, but i can’t do that to many people at a time. Not without a sound system.

6. I don’t get jokes, or sarcasm. Call it being blonde, autistic, whatever. Sometimes i do, but i fluff it reasonably often.

7. I’m vain and want you to pay attention to me. At the same time, just when you’re sure i’m the shallowest person on the planet, i’ll disconcertingly pay microscopic attention to you. Usually when you’re being light and flippant.ย  (See also .6)

8. I am evil, and regular readers will know i’m the ad hoc Antichrist. I have to fill in, seeing the real Antichrist met with an unfortunate accident and is in a coma. *Hides cosh behind back.* It’s nearly time for the Rapture. (see below)

9. Did i mention my book? I call it The Thing, but that’s because it’s a shorter title than than the real one. and i need a short version so i can earbash you about it on Twitter. (Twitter only allows 140 characters.) Not about buying it, that joy is still to come. You get to ride the creative process. Or me wasting time on Twitter when I should be writing. This is actually The Thing Mark II.

10. I’ve already forgotten why i’m doing this. (See 1.) (NOTE: that doesn’t make sense, because 1. was edited, and no longer includes the bit about how dizzy i am… *sighs*)

Despite the above advice, if you want to see what i’m shouting about now, to follow me on Twitter, (remembering that when the Rapture comes, you’ll be one of the ones that God’s Giant Faulty Vacuum Cleaner leaves behind), or perhaps if you’d like to block me in a pre-emptive act of self-defence to save your immortal soul…

it’s ~ @stinginthetail ~

ยฉ https://stinginthetail.wordpress.com/

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16 responses to “10 Reasons Not to Follow Me on Twitter

  • goonerjamie

    I actually think No.8 is a pretty good reason to follow you. I am convinced all the best dead writers/artists/musicians are all downstairs anyway.

  • Peabee72

    Love it – great post! I have no idea how I came to follow you in the first place but you’ll have to block me to get rid….and you’re welcome to do that. I have a pathological hatred of the unfollowme.com trend, find it all vaguely threatening – it’s twitter, not a lock down FFS! But for now, I’m happy that you’re there, laughing manically.


    • stinginthetail

      Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ I have no idea how we met either – think it was via your blog. Aw, don’t want to block you – i don’t usually block humans. Except the emo who when i unfollowed said they were going to cut themselves over it. Lol, like that’s going to make me want to re-follow ๐Ÿ˜€

  • lazerzap

    5. I rant. Pretty much all the time. I shout about religion, feminism, humanism, politics, bigotry, getting older..

    I like rants.. Lots of high blood preasure in a good rant. I think this would be a reason to follow rather than not follow?

    But then again.. Not everyone has a taste for honesty in 2010.

    Blogon ๐Ÿ™‚

  • koo

    Now I’m going to regularly DM you just to check you’re still following.

    D @stinginthetail Do you still like me?

    D @stinginthetail Do you still still like me?


  • Gabfran

    I have always been chuffed to bits that you bothered your bum following me. You keep me focussed. On leather rather a lot of the time but that is a good thing ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • stinginthetail

      it’s a completely mutual chuff-fest ๐Ÿ™‚

      I blame growing up looking after other people’s ponies and never having one of my own – it’s left me with this longing for leather ๐Ÿ˜€

  • michelle

    I totally follow you because of #8.

    Plus, it’s nice to have someone to share my hatred of the c-word (“cougar”). ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Twitter Fail

    You stole my list.

    Except for #4&9, so now I’m feeling guilty that I am not working on my own book. Thanks for that.

    BTW, I follow you because you don’t care if I am, and I’m delighted you followed back. I keep watching to see I’m a victim of #3, and gosh darn it, I’m still on your list.

  • Morticia (submit)

    Youre evil? Geez now she tells me!

    Btw whats ya twitter handle (or whatever they call it) had to redo mine lol

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