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This is normal….

I had very little sleep last night, trying to blog may be pointless, but i am overdue something here, so ….

Let’s anchor ourselves in the world, shall we? I am not anchored, i barely know what day it is. As you’re all on different days, we won’t start the great timezone debate again. Well, we could. You see, unless you’re somewhere in the Pacific west of Hawaii, or in New Zealand, I AM IN YOUR FUTURE.

Unfortunately BP is still pissing oil all over the US coast. British Petroleum. Who reckons it’s a subtle revenge for you guys winning that one little war against them? Well, that’s far-fetched even as far as political conspiracy theories go, but I’m tired enough not to care. I care about the oil leaking, not about who did it and what kind of stupidity led to it.

Humans are full of stupid. It’s why we have legislation, to protect the rest of us from the stupid. I never understood why people think that’s a bad idea. After all, you only have to look at the history of the Industrial Revolution to know, if you rely on industry to police itself, you end up with oil slicks and dead people.

Seeing the US is very anti any government interference, so BP is free to do as they like, I think the way they’re about to kill all the board is cool . *whispers* Oh? One of the voices-outside-my-head said they’re not. The ‘top kill’ they’re going on about is not a boardroom cull. It’s a way to stop some of the pollution. Pfft. I am so disappointed. (At time of writing, the top-kill plan hadn’t worked.)

In other news, i have flu. Again, still, ad nauseum. All the fucktards ‘soldiering on’ – and incapable of covering their filthy germ-ridden faces when they cough or sneeze –  give it back to me every time i leave the house.

I though it was just me and Mr Whatsit, in the perpetual flu cycle, but spoke to a young friend who lives locally, discovered he and partner (young fit people) are also catching it over and over. He complained even his young friends who caught it kept coming over, despite being so ill they could barely walk. A health worker i know said that nearly everyone admitted to the local hospital has it, or rather, has complications from trying to soldier on.

Like us, my friend hasn’t been able to even get his flu shot this year. He works with the public, so is in ‘at risk’ area, but has no sick pay, thanks to being forced onto casual work, so he must soldier on, which he knows is wrong, but he can’t get the shot, thanks to not being well enough since bloody March.

The people at his work who are on full time (with sick pay) boast about having a full year’s sick leave available to them (accrued from LAST year), but won’t take a day off. Then they cough on him. *sighs* Thanks to the hysteria over the anti vaccination morons, people seem to be thinking catching flu, polio, whooping cough, or measles beats getting a shot.

Did i mention, i hate fucktards? So much i want to stamp them into pulp. Stamp! Stamp! Stamp!



In a lovely bit of related news – the corrupt medico who started the whole anti vaccination movement has been struck off in the UK – he’s hiding in the US, of course. This was the best explanation of both his crimes (not an exaggeration) and the lack of science (and the hunt for profit for his own vaccination shot).

It’s also the funniest, and written in cartoon format – i recommend a read, it contained a lot of good background that was news to me. To see the other side’s science (lol) i suggest this wiki link. It’s about the Australian campaign to eradicate measles. Scroll down to “criticism”.

I’d like the power to arrest anyone who sneezes in public without their hand in front of their face, and to shoot anyone who coughs on me in the supermarket, but i’m guessing they’re not going to let me. Bastards. I’ll have to be satisfied with saying, “Excuse me, but before i break your nose so nothing else can escape, back off!” It’s worked well so far.

Well, so far i’ve only thought it at a few people, who seemed to get what i meant. Must be the look in my eyes.


Now, the interesting stuff – oh yeah – ME. So, aside from flu, how am i? How’s The Thing Mark II going? Well, still plotting to escape the horrors of New South Wales (double the rainfall of London, for those who think this place sounds like a great place to live – sure, if you have webbed feet).

I have plans, schemes, and nefarious strategies even… but no money, so the Queensland Invasion ’09 ’10 ® is waiting for funds. For some reason, my begging for dollars isn’t going well – donations to the Buy Me A Tank Help Me Get Out of Here Fund have been noticeable by their absence.

You lot are slackers! What are you? *listens for the shout* Yes, so long as you know. Anyway, it’s alright, i wasn’t relying on my Minions. Ahem. I mean, Beloved Visitors, of course. You only have to read the blog and check me out on Twitter. If i ever finish The Thing, if it is ever published, then yes, i will force you to buy it. Emotional blackmail, probably, i will look pitiful and beg a lot.

Twitter is still my main line into the outside world. Enjoyable, informative, and a place to rant. *sound of whispering* As i am reminded, another place to rant. So, i’ve covered not feeling well… that wanker ex-doctor… BP pretending to kill their board… what else? I said, i’m sick, i can’t remember a thing. Oh yeah, The Thing!

By some mad miracle, i’ve managed to keep writing. I’ve been working on this one since I Killed The Thing back in late April. Currently, i’m on an average of 1,949 words a day, over 39 days. Some days i barely touch 300, others i manage 3,000 or more. Two thousand words a day is the target. If i keep going, i’ll be done with a first draft in three weeks.

Assuming,that is, i don’t get part way through and discover i’ve broken the plot, or that i just don’t like it. Which happened with the Original Thing. It’s painful to have to admit it’s crap, especially since it was supposed to be to draft stage by the end of February.

Fortunately, it’s only crap in parts, and i keep coming to bits in The Current Thing where i can either put in chunks of text (suitably edited) from The Old Thing, or the research i did for it means i don’t have to spend hours doing it now.

My span of attention (twitterised as it is) can’t focus here any more.

So you’re free! Fly away!

I plan to, just as soon as the drugs kick in.


lolz – first time i published this, i realised too late, it had no title.


I’m not blogging…

You can’t expect me to blog. Seriously, i have so much to do. The Thing (my work in fitful and erratic progress) is in full-blown mow-me-down-with-narrative mode, and i have no time for blogging. No time for Twitter either. Today i spent about an hour there – longest visit in a while.

My life is reduced to the Word screen while i live in my head, with short breaks for cooking, cleaning, the usual. My imagination knows no limits, but of course, the world i’ve created must have them.

I have reams of spreadsheets, keeping track of it all. How much do people get paid? Can they afford to buy a horse? When is the moon full? Wasn’t it his birthday in a few weeks? When did his aunt turn into a dragon and try to rip his arm off? Would the stitches be out by now?

So many questions, and of course, this is what spreadsheets and notes are for. When it comes to stitches, fortunately Mr Whatsit spent some time working security, and so is an expert on those. He’s also a weapons, armour, and armaments buff, along with being an expert in several martial arts, so i may keep him, he’s very useful for reference and unlike Google, understands hand gestures and plain English.

As some of you may remember, this is actually The Thing Mark II, as i had to kill off the original. It wasn’t working, so i shifted the narrator from the central character to a friend i invented. The friend is intensely useful, and though he has access to the central characters, he’s off on his own trip, so suddenly, the whole novel is making sense. (At effing last.)

Because i have the basic plot already laid out, and lots of characters i already know, it’s reasonably easy to write. I’ve even been able to re-use some of the original Thing, (and its attendant spreadsheets) and edit it into this one. What’s more, i’m enjoying it. I’m working hard, but the results are pleasing me.

I’m currently aiming at 2,000 words a day. (It’s not a lot for me. I can’t type that fast any more, but used to be able to do up to 10k a day.)  So far, in 24 days, i’ve missed that target a few times, but thanks to some days when i topped 3k, it’s evening out. Nearly 46,000 words so far, 64k approximately to go. If i manage to keep up the 2k a day target, i’ll finish in just over a month. (32 days.)

Of course, that’s just to first draft stage. Then i go over it, tighten it up, add pretty bits, spot the deliberate mistakes (ha!), and then ask test-readers what they think. Assuming i don’t get to the point where i think… oops, it’s a crock. That’s where i ended up with the original Thing.

Reading it over, thankfully, i’ve realised i was absolutely right (it wasn’t reading well), whereas so far, Friend of Thing is doing fine.

Fingers crossed, it keeps being fun. Yeah, it’s fun. Why else would i do it?