List me, baby, make me squeal….

I have never more truly understood the concept of “it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.” Not until i moved to New South Wales. People round the world think Sydney is some sun-drenched paradise.

Oh puh-leeze, summer here is about as comfortable as Newark – yes, 90% humidity and 39+° C (100+° F). Then the weather breaks, it plummets to 20° (62°F) and we’re all shivering, except the bloody humidity is still so high you feel underwater.

It also gets hotter after the sun goes down. Demented place. My plans for The Invasion of Queensland ‘09 ’10 ™ have been set back a bit, thanks to an emergency trip there by Mr Whatsit that meant using every cent of our savings and borrowing, so now every week i’m $50 down.

One of his family faked her own death, then recovered – okay okay, so she had a kidney removed and everyone thought she was going to die. It still fucked my budget up.

Meanwhile, it’s the end of January, and i’ve had to get extensions on the phone and electricity bills, and am paying them off. *sighs* At this rate, i’m going to have to hitch-hike to the bloody border. (It’s about 1000k, 800 miles.)

Rather than bitch about the weather and money, though i could go on for another thousand words without breaking a sweat, (in real life, i’m sliding off my towel) I thought i would explain my lists a bit.


Lists on Twitter are a great way of keeping your followers in some kind of order without resorting to cattle-prods. It also gives other people a chance to look at who you’re following, talking to, and to see if they’re an interesting bunch. Some people even follow whole lists of mine, which is flattering.

I enjoy lists, they’re a good way to find new people to follow, though some people don’t seem to take much care over lists, as you spot spammers posting ‘make $ on twitter’ or ‘monetize your twitter.”

You do all know this is what they used to call a pyramid scheme? You buy their software, (which is a pile of rubbish, as Twitter is all about who follows you, not who you follow), they make money, you don’t. Instead, you get blocked and reported on Twitter.


So, Lists  – what do i have?

Most recent is the Conversation list which is “A dynamic list rebuilt daily of the people you are talking to and about. ” It’s not one i collate, it’s done automatically, you too can have one if you go here. It updates every day, but is about 12-24 hours behind. So it’s more like “who i was talking to yesterday”.

There are currently “Following: 25 Followers: 2” – which means there are 25 people listed because i’ve been chatting to them or about them, and another 2 people are following my list to see who i talk to. I hope it’s for entertainment, not for stalking purposes.

I checked (paranoid, me?) the followers on that list (listed on right of page when on web) are @loveunrg from New Zealand, and @thepainterflynn who’s in Dublin – both lovely people i’m often chatting to.


Then there are my lists i made:

  • blogs People whose blogs are worth a visit
  • stopaussienetfilter Australian Government is bringing in Net Filter over All Australia – banning nipples – help stop it
  • food Cooking, Eating out, Foodies, Enthusiasts, Whole Food, No Genetically Engineered Food Campaigners
  • interestingtweeps no matter what you’re into, these people are ones that make good tweeple to follow
  • shopping If i had any money, i’d buy their stuff or use their services
  • centralcoastnsw Central Coast, New South Wales, Australia – some Aussie-wide tweeps
  • gardening Gardeners, Sustainability, Growing Food
  • music Musicians, singers, songwriters
  • arts-and-design computer art, painting & fine art, architecture, crafts, also comics (not writing)
  • geekish Geeks of all kinds, from the extreme to the subtle – my private collection
  • newsmedia Journalists, News outlets, the Media (not social media)
  • forlaughs Funny people & feeds – possibly NSFW, (not safe for work)
  • writingpublishing Writers, agents, publishers, feeds about these things (not bloggers)


i think my notes on them mean they are self-explanatory. If i unfollow someone, i also remove from any lists – as it’s not automatic. If someone is listing you, and you don’t want them to list you, you can block or block and report. I have 107 listing me – (this goes up and down a lot, as more people get the Conversationlist going) i also go through those (not the Conversationlist, that’s just who i’m talking to or RTing), and block any spammers, or people who aren’t following me (if you don’t follow me, you don’t get to list me).

Also, i list people on more than one list – some people are on four – i think 200 is the upper limit for numbers you can have in one list, but i haven’t hit there yet.

So, you want a list? Look on the right hand side of your Twitter page on the web. Past the top, where it tells you who lists you, go down, past the Search line – see Lists? Before Trending Topics. Just click on New List, and off you go. Make a list, then look through your Following list (not much use Listing people you don’t follow back), and start adding them. As you go, you’re bound to find new subjects you could put as lists. Some people just divide theirs into people they chat to, and have “Chatters1” “Chatters2” and so on.


I am in some strange lists. These are some i’m listed in, (not necessarily strange!) of my favourite Twitterers.


The above isn’t everyone – basically, if i’m following them – around 460 people at the moment – then it’s because i think they’re good. The further back they are in my Following pages, the longer i’ve been following them – so if they were tricky spammers, i have already blocked and deleted, and you’re safe to follow. Like everyone, I do sometimes make mistakes with following people who turn out to be spammers.

So, no excuses – get off your respective butts and list meh!


Widget alert: yes, how many people has lunatic anti-vaccination campaigner Jenny McCarthy’s bullshit killed, maimed, or made ill? I have a new widget, (on the left) that tells you. [EDIT unfortunately, it’s no longer working – but you can click through here and see the totals. At time of writing, it was 501 dead, and 54,907 people ill with preventable diseases – those with polio will never fully recover, and indeed, will get worse as they get older. And how many poor lil kiddehz had autism as a result of inoculations? None. Zero. Nada.]

Around here, we’ve had a whooping cough epidemic, and children have died, because a bunch of celebrity seeking idiots want us to go back to the days (pre-1955) when polio epidemics killed thousands and crippled tens of thousands – every year.

I’m not going to go deeply into it here, you can click the link for more info or to put the widget on your own blog – but despite this woman’s rantings, there is still NO scientific evidence that vaccination causes autism, though she and her fellow self-serving cohorts have been known to make up scientific ‘proof’ – it’s just wishful thinking, looking for a reason for autism, followed by misery when the people who believe them have to nurse or bury a child that catches a preventable disease.

If you’ve ever seen anyone with polio, or living with the life sentence that is the after-effects, (including twisted limbs, and the most agonising pain and muscle wasting), you would never ever think that vaccinations are optional, or worse, that they’re so bad you shouldn’t have them.



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8 responses to “List me, baby, make me squeal….

  • Stephen Glanville

    Holy moly Sheila! I thought I could simultaneously crap-on endlessly and make sense (at least to me 🙂 I bow to the master 🙂

    I’m not gunna tell ya how gr8 the weather is where I am…’cause all you buggers ‘ll probably move here…bugger that 🙂

    You’ve probably noticed that I don’t have lists on my Twitter thang? I’m on a few (including one of yours I think? :-), but I have never used lists.

    Why? Well, aside from the obvious ‘wankanoia’ (which I like to call integrity :-), it’s probably just shear laziness.

    I get so tired of ‘new micro-techno this’ and ‘new micro-techno that’ and it just takes 10 seconds to sign-up etc, etc…ad nauseum; they tend to leave out the bits about taking 2 days to read help files and forums etc learning how the bluddy things work and then 2 years to figure out how to use them properly and on and on and on… 😛

    So call me an old philistine ‘fogie’ if you must, but I’m just a bit over all the micro-hype.

    I reckon networking is about people…and if the folks you talk to aren’t important enough to remember then your just marketing! And I hate what currently passes for ‘marketing’.

    There’s a big difference between raising awareness and ‘manipulating’.

    That said, your blurb is the first one I’ve read that has made me actually consider using lists on Twitter. Though I consider my modest little band of Dolphin Safe, Steroid Free, Organic ‘Followers’ a ‘list’, and the folks that I talk to my ‘network’ (all of whom I can remember and know at least by name), Twitter for me is much more like a filing cabinet of organisations and services that I might find useful at some point. It’s also a great way to get a ‘psychological footprint’ so to speak, of what people are currently focused on.

    Anyway, what’s next in your one page compendium? Ah Yes! Good ol’ “Pyramid Schemes”…You do know that the entire Western Economy is a Pyramid Scheme don’t you? Pyramid Scheme Defined: The people at the bottom pay for the people at the top.

    Not surprising then that when people try to replicate such systems outside of ‘the system’ it is illegal? Why? For the same reason that Tax Evasion is illegal. The folks at the top aren’t getting their cut! Cynical? Who? Moi? 😛

    Ok what’s next into today’s ‘bevvy of ‘Bastardian’ beatitudes’? 🙂 Ah yes! Good ol’ death and blame:

    Same argument can be applied to every human endeavour. Does personal experience outweigh collective perception? e.g. Science hasn’t established actual unequivocal ‘proof’ that humanity is a major cause of climate change. Just like there’s no actual unequivocal ‘proof’ that humanity ISN’T a major cause either…yet here we are! In fact, as far as I know, science cannot prove that we even exist. In ‘fact-er’ (Ooh! I just made up a word :-), I don’t think Science ever set out to ‘prove’ anything…they just make repeatable observations based on verifiable evidence. So good luck with everything else 🙂

    I reckon Louise L Hay may be considered a diplomatic solution here? If you believe it’ll help, give it a whirl…but try and take some responsibility for your own decision and if it back-fires, lets not start more ‘witch-hunts’ ey? 🙂

    Personally, I subscribe to treating ’causes’. But if the cause can’t be quickly addressed (e.g. stupid, toxic, Pyramid Scheme), then treating symptoms can buy some time.

    e.g. Antibiotics – major back-fire in the long-term…but tell that to people that are still breathing.

    Antibiotics – currently in the US, Hospital Acquired Infections kill more people annually than Aids, Cancer and Roads combined.

    Thanks Sheila, that was fun 🙂


    Some smart-arse impersonating Stephen G 🙂

    • stinginthetail

      Heya 🙂 thanks – what do you mean, crap on endlessly? It’s only just over 1,000 words, that’s short for this blog. 🙂

      My lists are more for other people who are looking for good people to follow. i’m pretty good at keeping track, (i have a weird – good – memory for handles), and at remembering who they are and what’s going on in their lives, though it gets harder the more people i follow, and even when i didn’t have many, i’ve confused similar pics. Or just got confused. 🙂

      I can’t really agree that capitalism is a pyramid scheme. A pyramid scheme requires me to buy into it with actual money. To pay $ which then go to the person at the top – that allows me to set up as running the same business. The person (shyster) at the top then pays a tiny percentage to the people below them and above me – if they don’t just skip off with the proceeds, which is what usually happens, as they’re inherently unstable.

      A pyramid scheme does not own the sole means of production, (there is no factory or business that i work in- ostensibly i am a sole operator), nor does a pyramid scheme require me to work for it, for a wage that it pays me. Quite the opposite, i work for myself, but i pay it.

      I believe firmly in power of complementary practice to supplement Western medicine – and in some cases to get a better result. Hospitals could use natural products and get better results – teatree oil does a better job than bleach.

      As you say, better to treat causes – and let’s note that hospital infections are not “because of antibiotics”, they’re “because of stupid humans not finishing their courses of antibiotics” (which yes, stupid doctors do over-prescribe), thus allowing strains of antibiotic-resistant germs to take over. Hey presto, super bug.

      I don’t see antibiotics as a major backfire really – when they were developed just before the 2nd world war, they probably saved more lives than any other single thing.

      As my holistic healer used to say, “I can put you on a special course of treatments and cure your ills – it will take about three weeks, you have to follow my instructions exactly, it will be labour intensive on your part. Or you can go to your doc, get a three-day course of antibiotics, and be cured.”

      Me, i hate antibiotics – they make me sick and give me thrush 😦 – but they’re a heap better than the alternative – i recently had a broken tooth which abscessed. Despite holistic treatment, and herbal, without antibiotics, i would have pulled it myself with a pair of pliers, the agony was so extreme.

      Hehe, Stephen, I know where u live, (approximately) i’m going to drop in one day with plenty of wine, (this in the future when i have a disposable income) and we’re going to talk each other to death 🙂 It will be fun.

  • Stephen Glanville

    Haha! Nice one Sheila 🙂

    I didn’t say Capitalism was a Pyramid Scheme, I said the Western Economy was :-). There’s a bit of a difference.

    Re: and let’s note that hospital infections are not “because of antibiotics”: You’ve not heard of Antibiotic Resistance? Man! Have you got some reading to do –

    Most welcome to drop in anytime; waving your disposable income or not ;-P


    Stephen G

    • stinginthetail

      ah, point taken – but i still don’t see the Western Economy as a pyramid scheme – it’s a Capitalist system – pyramid schemes can (i think, it’s early in my day, if i’m wrong, pls don’t be too harsh :P) be started in any economic model.

      “A pyramid scheme is a non-sustainable business model that involves the exchange of money primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme, often without any product or service being delivered. Pyramid schemes are a form of fraud.”

      Yes, they are both unsustainable. 🙂

      I just read that thing on Antibiotic Resistance. Thanks so much, lol. I am retreating to a mountain top – you stay away from me, all u humans with yr nasty germs.

      For those who’d rather not read the whole, rather deep piece (Gawd, Stephen, why can’t we ever discuss simple things? lol) this is from wikipedia….

      “Antibiotic resistance is a specific type of drug resistance when a microorganism has the ability of withstanding the effects of antibiotics. Antibiotic resistance evolves via natural selection acting upon random mutation, but it can also be engineered by applying an evolutionary stress on a population. Once such a gene is generated, bacteria can then transfer the genetic information in a horizontal fashion (between individuals) by plasmid exchange. If a bacterium carries several resistance genes, it is called multiresistant or, informally, a superbug. The term antimicrobial resistance is sometimes used to explicitly encompass organisms other than bacteria.[citation needed]

      Antibiotic resistance can also be introduced artificially into a microorganism through transformation protocols. This can aid in implanting artificial genes into the microorganism. If the resistance gene is linked with the gene to be implanted, the antibiotic can be used to kill off organisms that lack the new gene.”

      And (if it’s not clear from the above) you’re absolutely right – antibiotics can be a reason for superbugs, but also, they might not be involved at all, as the bacteria can evolve… scary or fricking what?

      Hmm – now i’m wondering – if a person doesn’t believe in Evolution – do they believe in Superbugs?

  • Stephen Glanville

    Hi Sheila 🙂

    I’m gunna hafta get back too you on that one later 🙂

    But, in the words of my favourite Terminator – ‘Aaarl be baarck!’ 🙂


    Stephen G

  • Stephen Glanville

    Hi Sheila 🙂

    Told ya I’d be baaarck :-)…I didn’t take long did I? 🙂

    Ok! Where were we? Ah Yes! Good ol’ ” gawd why can’t we ever discuss simple things?” et al… 🙂

    Well, they are simple…you just keep arguing with everything! Hehe! 🙂

    Butt only slightly more seriously:

    Re: Superbugs: A cause more than a reason. Genetically traceable (as you have no doubt deduced from your above mentioned ‘transformation protocols’). In fact the defining quality of a ‘Superbug’ is that its mutation/evolution from ‘bug’ to ‘Superbug’ is directly and only attributable to the presence of Anti-biotics (and other “life suppressing” agents that we often so love to swallow :-).

    Re: Pyramid Scheme: This is a tough one to argue in writing because there are no definitive references and/or officially accepted definitions…which in and of itself is fairly good evidence that the whole notion of Pyramid Schemes is a bit of a furffy. Kinda like the proverbial ‘Pot calling the Kettle black’.

    One need go no further than the very Wiki reference you provided. e.g. Explain to me how that description doesn’t also apply to the Western Economy? 🙂

    Another reasonable indicator – 80% of wealth in the hands of <10% of people? Paaaleeeaaasse! You can't tell me that fairness, equality, democracy and the 'commonwealth' are exemplified in that picture? 🙂

    Re: "Hmm – now i’m wondering – if a person doesn’t believe in Evolution – do they believe in Superbugs?"

    Believing in God is not a requisite when taking out Insurance….yet Insurance companies believe that they can distinguish between Acts of God and other 'Acts' clearly they are implying that God exists and moreover that it is provable. Whether I believe in God, believe the Insurance companies or not, the Courts believe both and are less likely to believe me. Just like the Courts will uphold that a Pyramid Scheme is illegal and the Western Economy is legal. What I believe usually has little bearing on what is, and is usually only important to me. 🙂

    There ya go 🙂


    Stephen G

    • stinginthetail

      hmm – ok, this is now completely off-topic, and the arguments are covered. I would like to point out, i did not ever say capitalism was some exemplar of “fairness, equality, democracy and the ‘commonwealth'” as you seem to be implying.

      Anyone who has read this blog, or talks to me on Twitter, knows i’m not a fan of capitalism – i believe i called people who do aspire to be perfect capitalists “greed-soaked servants of the machine“.

      In the same post i say “This is capitalism, kiddies – the poor get poorer, the rich get richer. And all the while, they promote the idea that if you’re not rich like them, it’s because you didn’t work hard enough. Enjoy.

      I’ve said in the post above, i think pyramid schemes are reprehensible.

      So, Stephen, as i’m not promoting either capitalism or pyramid schemes, and you think they are the same thing, (I’ve already said why i don’t agree, in the previous reply) then please, run with it on your own blog.

      You’re very welcome to post a link here for anyone who’s interested 🙂

  • stinginthetail

    this is a reply to a spammer who keeps trying to post on this post. My blog notified her that she was considered spam. Spam doesn’t just mean autoposted spam – it often has a real person directing the spam behind it.

    “She” sent this (spammers often pretend to be female, as men will often do anything for something that pretends to have tits)

    “umm… I am not”

    I replied….

    I don’t have the original comment from you – i marked it as spam and deleted it.

    i presume you’re miffed that i think you’re a spammer – let’s take it a step at a time.

    You’re pimping a site that sells music – of course you’re a spammer – what else do you think it’s called, when someone posts comments on blogs only to promote their own paysite or ones they get a kick back from? Do you think we’re stupid? If you don’t want to be taken as a spammer, easy – don’t pimp amazon links to buy music.

    So in reply –


    Have a nice day.

    Sheila Bastard
    Of course, when i tried to email it to ‘her’, the mail was returned, no such email.

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