I Am The Traffic Cone on Your Highway…

I detect a sense of Christmas obsession in those who accidentally visited this blog in the last week. Now (i think) i know why My House Is Trying To Kill Me (the old post on mould/mold) is getting so much traffic – it’s people looking for gingerbread.

I hope you enjoyed the rant on the stupidity of doctors, the cruelty of real estate agents, the possibly pertinent advice on health, and the pretty gingerbread house pic. At least i cited the pic’s origin, so they wouldn’t waste their time, and meanwhile, decuisine (where pic comes from) is getting a lot of hits from me. ‘Tis the season for giving, right?

I’m the Antichrist, this jolly Christmas bollocks doesn’t come naturally.


Thought for the Day: Did you take time to muse on the exquisite cruelty of Google, that brings you interesting things to read when you really don’t have time to get distracted by a blog?


The gingerbread thing is out of control out there…

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4 responses to “I Am The Traffic Cone on Your Highway…

  • Twitter Fail (@tweet_fail)

    There you are with spreadsheets again. I’ve always had problems with them, and I finally know why: they are the work of the Antichrist.

    That, and nipples, of course. They’ve driven many a man (and quite a few women) to ruin. Once they’re made illegal, will the women who own them be prohibited from looking at their own? Will they all be required to wear pasties? Will they be branded with Hello Kitty tattoos for their crimes??

    If it gets too bad, feel free to come to the US, where you have the freedom to look at your own nipples as much as you like. We even use them as part of our architecture, in case you don’t get to see enough of them on actual people. http://weirdenough.com/2007/02/wall-nipple/

    • stinginthetail

      Lol – is that a PIR for an alarm? Or as you suspect, a rogue wall nipple?

      We can still see nipples on our tv – which the US (network tv) can’t – which is what makes the Great Nipple Wall so strange. On many Australian beaches now, women sunbathe topless, (on Federal land, one can go nude), but oh noes, can’t have possibility of nipples on our interwebs :))

  • frogpondsrock

    Great, now I am thinking about Krudd and Conroy and nipples. thanks alot.
    Do you think they sneak off and secretly admire each others nipples?

    • stinginthetail

      ergh, lol – now i am thinking of them being nipple-buddies too…. they always say, people who are most hung up about homosexuality are always secretly gay – i reckon those two nipple-buddies must be drinking beer and watching hardcore porn, on their special proxy server that won’t be affected by the Clean Feed 😛

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