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I Am The Traffic Cone on Your Highway…

I detect a sense of Christmas obsession in those who accidentally visited this blog in the last week. Now (i think) i know why My House Is Trying To Kill Me (the old post on mould/mold) is getting so much traffic – it’s people looking for gingerbread.

I hope you enjoyed the rant on the stupidity of doctors, the cruelty of real estate agents, the possibly pertinent advice on health, and the pretty gingerbread house pic. At least i cited the pic’s origin, so they wouldn’t waste their time, and meanwhile, decuisine (where pic comes from) is getting a lot of hits from me. ‘Tis the season for giving, right?

I’m the Antichrist, this jolly Christmas bollocks doesn’t come naturally.


Thought for the Day: Did you take time to muse on the exquisite cruelty of Google, that brings you interesting things to read when you really don’t have time to get distracted by a blog?


The gingerbread thing is out of control out there…

welcome to my award-winning blog

I was up to my neck in The Thing (my work in progress), only sticking my head into Twitter once a day, not to mention neglecting my blog except for apology posts – the ones you make when you need to let everyone know you are still alive  – when @Jean_Blore named me as her favourite Kreativ Blogger. *happy dance* I’m thrilled. *preens*

To my surprise, people have been visiting in quite large numbers. I feel so guilty. I don’t know why so many of you are reading “Argh, My House is Trying To Kill Me” but hey, it’s real nice. I’ve been linked somewhere, and am not getting any notification of where.

I love my blog, and want to write more, but i only have so many personalities. We are not infinite. Well, not completely, yet. I’m completely focused on The Thing, which is about 75,000 words in, out of a total of 110,000 – it’s a fantasy sci fi – means i can have dragons and biodegradable plastics.

kreativ-blogger award - woot!

I’m so chuffed with this Kreativ Blogger Award. (Chuffed is good.) Anyway, there are rules. Rules freak us out, but we’re going to be good and list them here.

Now, these are the rules for this award…

1. Copy and paste the picture above, onto your own blog.
2. Thank the person who gave you the award and post a link to their blog.
3. Write 7 things about yourself we do not know.
4. Choose 7 other bloggers to award.
5. Link to those 7 other bloggers.
6. Notify your 7 bloggers.

Thanks for this, Jean, it means a lot. I met Jean via her blog, I think, (though we also keep in touch on Twitter) and we just clicked. I love the slice of Bangalorean life that is The Garden City LENS.

Which brings us to things you didn’t know about us. I mean, me. Gosh, it’s so hard to differentiate sometimes. I have no edges.

  1. I told you about being raised by Siamese Cats. However, I didn’t tell you how i nearly got a job as a dominatrix, but decided against it. I’m quite in favour of doing evil things to people, but i do have to be attracted.
  2. Gawd, i’ve shared way too much, i’m stuck for secrets. Ooh, i just read Jean’s post again. She’s a Leo. I’m a Scorpio. Yes, i did mention my birthday, but not specifically that i was a Scorpio. For those already backing away from the blog, I’m highly evolved, and hardly ever kill people for revenge.
  3. I’m a natural blonde.
  4. My first poem was when i was seven, about ponies. My mother holds the only copy and is blackmailing me with it.
  5. Dad died in ’02, and i’m the only one of my family to make my peace with him before he died. He often visits, which is disconcerting.
  6. That probably brings us to a really decent secret: I see dead people. Well, hear them better than i see them. Not just dead people. An assortment of entities.
  7. Which explains this one: I used to work as a psychic. I don’t really like taking money for it, which is a shame, because there’s obviously heaps of dollars to be made. We can see how it goes, first, you need to get yourself classified as a religion.

Damn, i was quite enjoying being the centre of attention there. However, we haz rules. Here’s a selection of favourites from my Twitter lists.

It was a toss up between all seven for my current favourite, but Tweet_Fail it has to be, i visit her blog most. The others are not in any particular order, i haven’t tried to sum them up too much, other than i enjoy them all, and recommend a read.

  1. @tweet_fail
    My Kreativ Blogger award goes to: a woman and a bird, who’ve become dear friends. (I have a Tweet Fail tshirt, photos pending.) The blog makes me laugh – and they’re right: some people just don’t get Twitter.
  2. @Kimota
    Always some kind of quality writing, whether funny or thoughtful.
  3. @Bern_Morley
    I’ve promoted Bern here before, so let me just say her blog is worth a read. You may laugh, you may cry.
  4. @NatalieGreen
    More quality writing – her recent post on lying to children was a classic.
  5. @Gabfran
    I love this blog – humour, fashion, law, and Gabfran’s mind.
  6. @rickofawesome
    Rick’s just great – good writing, funny, and i like his mind.
  7. @shoppologist
    the science of shopping, and getting shoppers to spend – fascinating. (And i won his book in a competition!)

So, there they be, and i think any one of them is worth a visit.
Thanks again, Jean. I’ve enjoyed this.