Too Cranky To Blog…

don’t ask me how i am, we’ll be here all day – i have two words for you – gastric flu. Enough said. I am just over worst *touch wood* and on bright side, think i’ve lost the 3kg/7 lb that had sneaked onto my stomach while winter set in. Have been so bad tempered i wasn’t fit company for anyone.

Being the Queen of Darkness and the Antichrist, I’m used to being a little scathing, but I was just Crankiness Incarnate and anything that got towards Ground Zero was toast. I couldn’t even talk on Twitter, i kept taking everything the wrong way.

Mind you, i feel like getting cranky over not having lost more weight, i mean, ffs, i was so ill. Still am, and any effort, even if it’s just having a shower, leaves me weak as a kitten, so of course, have religiously showered every day, just to show this thing it can’t beat me. I am weak but clean.

A friend told me last night they had same bug a month ago (night fevers, loss of appetite, upset stomach, nausea, sinus problems/ coughs, headaches/ migraines, aches/ pains, feeling weak and dizzy), and are still having resurgences.

Two more words. Arrgh. Fuck. Both good words to describe both this bug and how i feel about winter in New South Wales, the dampest place on the planet.

Mind you, could be worse, i could be in our nation’s capital, Canberra (in the Australian Capital Territory, which is on the NSW border), you can actually watch the mould grow on the walls.

My plot to take over Queensland continues, though at the moment we’re too sick to pack more, but it’s okay, we’re still inside budget and time constraints, so we just have to get over this bug. We’ve doubled the multivit’s.

World Domination™ is of course dependent on the domino effect. As Queen of Darkness, I pick the nice places i want to live, they surrender, and so it goes.

It’s good to be queen.


In other news, the sci fi fantasy epic is going so excellently i could explode.



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4 responses to “Too Cranky To Blog…

  • Michelle George

    Hey…I live in Canberra….but it is as you say ;o) Would you mind passing the germs my way…i need to loose a few (ok lots) kilos

    • stinginthetail

      oh – you’re in Canberra – poor thing, it’s so cold there. Like snow cold. *sneezes* I hated being that cold. I am not the kind of person to take on an alpine holiday, i’m all “this stuff is cold, and wet, wtf?”

      I’d post you some of my faux spamthrax, (you just think you’re going to die, you don’t actually) but you’re next to Victoria where the real swine flu is – all u need to do is cross the border! Good luck, [incoming disclaimer] and of course we take no responsibility for pre-existing disorders or illnesses that may cause you to actually die, and do not recommend this as a method for weight loss. Thank you for flying with Darkness Airlines 😛

  • Tea

    Hmm. This sounds suspiciously like MY current weight loss plan! And I had some pulled back muscles to make it aaaaaall better. The last eleven days have been wonderful, especially when factoring in the long-distance move.

    Glad to see you’re over the worst!

    • stinginthetail

      ouch – poor pet – been thinking about you and the Great Move. Pulled muscles are a nice touch, pain takes away the appetite 🙂

      That’s going to be the jewel in the crown of my weight loss plan, moving – i always lose weight when i move.

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