temporary loss of service…

My thumb’s still sore. So no blogs for the moment, (except this one), i can do a bit of Twittering, but basically am trying not to use it. Just so y’all know. It’s much better, but still strapped up.

As if i didn’t have enough on my plate with the bloody mould sensitivity and it being winter and the mould growing like… well, mould! Though we soldier on. We have started packing. Two – yes TWO – boxes of books. Well, we have a month of saving petrol money before we can move any of it, so it’s a start.

Mr Whatsit evidently has too many non-human parts to be considered for medical experimentation – all that metal holding him together inside. They suggested i try selling him to a mining company, as titanium always fetches a good price.

His leg brace is also titanium, but of course, if i sell that before i sell him, he won’t be able to go to the shop when i need chocolate, so that would be short-sighted of me. Besides, at the moment, he’s doing all the cooking thanks to my thumb, so he’s saved his pretty hide for another week or so.

So, that’s my life. I am finding this thumb thing very frustrating, but at least i can use the hand again a bit – i can pull my pants up! Only 5 days ago, I couldn’t even use my left hand that much.

It’s ow already *scowls* so ending this.

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