i’m still alive… are you?

It’s Tuesday, if i had any sense, this would be Belgium, and i’d be sipping good coffee and eating lots of fattening things, but exercising heaps, you know, in that ‘omg, i’m in a new country, i better look around’ way.  Somehow, i would not really put on weight or get spotty, despite living mostly on chocolate and coffee, because overseas, it doesn’t really count. What happens in Belgium…

Unless you’re that Aussie woman who got arrested for theft of a bar-runner towel thingie in Thailand. Her friends claimed they played a joke on her and put it in her handbag. Oops, they all said, *gigglesnort* we were drunk and silly. Perhaps they meant cretinous. She nearly got five years.

“Let me just tuck something into your bag so it looks like
you stole it! Ha! Hahahaha hahaha!”

How fucking unfunny are drunks, seriously?


I’ve been researching moving. Holy mofo – it’s expensive. It would cost about $2,000 to hire removalists. I could probably cut that to $1,000-$1,500 if i abandon most of my stuff. Doesn’t make any difference, i can’t get that kind of money together with the petrol money for two cars (to go 500 miles/800km) and the deposit on the storage unit at the other end.

If we try to hire a trailer, same problem – 3 day trailer hire and round trip to Gold Coast with some of gear, costs too much in petrol to save that money in one hit. (Mr Whatsit can do the journey there and back in about three days with one day in the middle to rest up.)

His ute can do it one way on a tank and a half , (ute is two-seater cab with open cargo back end) – with a trailer, triple that, at least. Nine tanks of petrol (9*$150)? Argh. No way can we raise that kind of money. So we’re back to about three trips in the ute, nice and gradual, with it possibly taking over 2 months. Bugger. I want to be gone, now.

Some time later…

Now it’s Wednesday. Have paid bills, done washing up, feel able to write without real guilt. Instead, i’m here feeling i should be blogging. Fuck’s sake. I’m gone again.

Later still..

WTF? It’s Thursday. I’ve been writing my book. Are you all alive still? Good. Um, yeah, well i’m writing, and i’m all locked away inside my head. I’ve dropped into Twitter but I’m elsewhere. And elsewhen, come to think about it.

Yep, it’s going well, but i’m in the first 10 pages, bit soon to get all “it’s going to be a rite-de-passage, yanno, and her struggles with identity are gonna… blah blah blah.”

I’m bound to come out from inside my head soon, but right now, i have nothing to say. (Though i’ll naturally answer mail and Tweets.)

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6 responses to “i’m still alive… are you?

  • Tea

    I’m alive! If you can call it ‘living’. And it’s moving-related, so I feel your pain.

    I’ve been researching renting a moving truck for my parents. They need a truck for about 1600km. They can get a good size truck for $1000, which includes 1350km (not including fuel, obviously). Anything over that, and they have to pay 40 cents a mile. Sure, I could have converted it, but I’m lazy.

    The whole moving industry (it is an industry, right?) is one big ridiculous racket, like the wedding industry and the diet industry.

  • stinginthetail

    that was the problem with hiring a small moving truck here – the mileage quickly became a serious cost. Am now resigned to moving it all ourselves, and as usual, jettisoning everything non-essential. As you say, it’s a racket

  • Twitter-Fail

    Drunks are seriously Not Funny, and think that being drunk is an excuse for their bad behavior. Like getting drunk was something that was not in their control. I wrote a post about drunks my other blog (WeirdEnough), “Is a Drunk Thief More Honorable than a Sober One?” http://4ll.me/34

  • Twitter-Fail

    Oh, and I hate moving. Last time we moved, we had to make 2 trips with a 22′ truck (I don’t know what that is in km) and it sucked. I even gave away a lot of stuff first that now I wish I still had, and moved some stuff that is still packed, 6 years later.

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