a message to my minions

I feel i should write something here because i’ve done bugger all on Sunday except chat on Twitter. It’s was enjoyable, though, so wtf. Weekend Tweeting tends to the cheery. Everyone in the world except me and Mr Whatsit was watching Eurovision – oh, and except the USA. For once, they’ve missed out.

Let’s not kid ourselves, Eurovision is tripe, trash, and tawdry tripey trash at that. But it’s a good laugh, especially when you have friends to share bitchy comments about it.

Mr Whatsit refuses, says it’s like the Olympics. He hasn’t explained what aspect. But he refused to watch that either. I’m in agreement about the Olympics, but how can a man who loves Family Guy not get Eurovision?

Mind you, when i used to watch Eurovision when i lived in London, i could never watch much of it – it was the kind of show you channel-surfed in and out of – too dire to leave on. It’s only famous because one year, Abba won it.

Ooh *shiny thing moment*- look, i have a new badge. The lovely Badge and Sign Generator site is back. A new design, considering our new circumstances.

to visit the site, click on badge.

to visit the site & make a badge or sign for yourself, click on badge. it's all free, nothing to join.

I’m thinking tshirts for those who contribute to the Invasion Office Chair Fund. Rifles Office chairs don’t grow on trees, people. And i still don’t have a decent office chair. As minions, you lot are seriously lacking.

You’re supposed to (pay attention this time)

  1. Fawn – i don’t think most of you have fawned much at all.
  2. Be obsequious – the grovelling just isn’t up to standard.
  3. Offer to buy me cake. (Or chocolate.)
  4. Make donations to the Office Chair Fund.

You’re not supposed to

  1. Laugh when i say i’m invading Queensland
  2. There is no 2.
  3. But i wanted some extra points under ‘don’t do this’.
  4. It makes me look stricter, and you lot could do with some discipline.

If the link to says-it.com isn’t working, give it some time – the guy who owns it has been doing a heap of work bringing it up to date. He’s also been in hospital, so don’t be cranky, he’s doing it as fast as he can.

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