The future’s so bright…

One car registration paid, the money to do the other one is in transit between accounts, and soon, after the water and phone bills, i can start saving petrol money for the invasion of Queensland. And snacks-on-the-way-money. I will take a thermos of hot coffee, too.

I am so glad i don’t smoke tobacco any more, i don’t have to make sure i have enough ciggies rolled for the journey. About twelve hours drive if i don’t get lost. You can do it in ten according to a website, Mr Whatsit does it in less time at night – but I may take longer.

Yes, as it’s an invasion, i’ll be taking the tank.  Doesn’t move fast, but pootles along once she gets going, though a trifle anxiety provoking at more than about 120kph. (Tries to remember what that is in miles, fails, looks it up. Aha, that’s about 75mph.)

On the bright side, I’m going somewhere i used to live, so i don’t have the panic of driving into unfamiliar suburbia without a map, though i did leave there over four years ago, and i’m a bit vague about which freeway exit to take. I’ll have to check. Plenty of time yet, *touches wood* we still have to give a month’s notice.

It will be nice to be warm again – i came back to Australia because i didn’t want to live in the UK’s chill, and being in central coastal NSW does not agree with me. Last night it was 5°C on the front verandah, and it’s not winter yet. It’s lovely and sunny today, which means although it’s officially 20°C if you sit outside in the sun, you get up to about 30°C (70-80’s F and then the overnight temp will drop to 40°F) so you really feel it in your bones after sunset.

With any luck the tank will be easier to start up there. She doesn’t like the cold either. Reg, the Mechanic of Doom, couldn’t get a choke cable to fit, and bodged one up that doesn’t really work so cold weather’s a bitch. Parking’s easy enough with the tank, it doesn’t mind being left on the street, and you can just park on top of anyone who takes your space. Or on their car.

It does get chilly at night in South East Queensland, but i lived in the UK for over a decade, i can deal with snow if i have to, and it doesn’t snow on the Gold Coast. In summer, it’s cooler than Brisbane, the capital, which isn’t actually on the coast, though its edges sprawl that far now.

Me being from Western Australia, i get to skip the usual border rivalries – WA is too far away for most people to care. When in my home, you notice that they tend to call the rest of Australia “the Eastern States”.

Not that people from WA have chips on their shoulders about being from the biggest state – like Texans are in the USA. Oh no, we’re totally chilled about the way the rest of Australia sucks away our wealth and uses it to prop up places like New South Wales.

My fondness for weapons of war is purely coincidental.

In other news: the invasion planning begins. A storage unit will be rented, trips will be made towing worldly goods bit by bit, and we’ll be able to take some time when we get there to regroup and save some money on rent while we look for a new place.

What did we do without Google Earth and sites like I remember looking for houses to rent back in the dim dark days of newspaper adverts and having to phone the agent to get any real detail. Now, i can see the house is on the highway, backs onto an industrial estate, or is on a a flood plain, and what sort of an area it looks like from the air. In some places, i can even see the street view with Google’s StreetView.

The future rocks!

Except for Twitter changing their format. Now, when i type directly to someone, an @reply, nobody sees it except those already following the person. Which takes the whole random connection beauty of Twitter away.

I am annoyed. It’s trending on Twitter as #fixreplies – and i hope they change it back. It was optional, i want it back that way.



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6 responses to “The future’s so bright…

  • toothsoup

    Me being from Western Australia, i get to skip the usual border rivalries – WA is too far away for most people to care. When in my home, you notice that they tend to call the rest of Australia “the Eastern States”.

    So true! Also, I agree with the Twitter thing, I liked seeing what people replied to other people with. Made the whole random encounter thing possible!

  • seantheblogonaut

    Thinking of selling up and moving ourselves, but dow to the Yorke Peninsular. Lots of open space with no neighbors and shitty internet

    • stinginthetail

      we’re just renting, so on one hand our options are less, but on other, all i have to do is give month’s notice then get out, instead of having to go through horror of selling house, lol. I’d love a place where i could keep a few chooks and a cat, personally – so many landlords won’t let you have any kind of animals.

      Shitty internet is way of life in Australia (90 mins out of sydney CBD and it’s crap) – our ADSL breaks down when it rains, and slows as the kids get out of school every day, then weekends slows again – as we share our connection with even more, it’s barely as good as dial up.

  • Davis

    good luck on your trip. would love to visit Australia some day

    • stinginthetail

      thanks 🙂 it will be fine, it’s a nice drive up through the north of the state, plenty of small towns and truck stops for me to stop and stretch legs. If i head out at about 4 in the morning, will be up there early enough to miss the rush hour.

      You should come see – it’s like the US – chock full of natural beauty, with the most awful man made architecture – we too adore the strip mall, lol.

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