In which i have a quite amazing experience…

Originally, this was entitled “a post? oh, i suppose so” but something happened.

Plenty of things are annoying me, but they’re all too huge to think about. The National Broadband Network looms out of the internet mists, but Ruddnet is probably just to bait Telstra (our major carrier, formerly the monopoly) into doing something stupid, like accepting a government estimate of the cost of a to-every-home optical fibre broadband network. *sound of laughter*

Whatever happens, the government will do it stupidly, like someone renovating a house on the Lifestyle Channel – only there’s no property bubble to help the government sell (up to) 100mbps in (90% of) Australian homes in (maybe) eight years time.

Ooh – maybe I’m cranky enough to blog after all.


And then i was distracted – i looked at Twitter, and @stewartheys – a guy i follow, said to check out a link – so i did. My freaking God. Go see. It’s a You Tube Video – 7 minutes, and worth every second.

If you haven’t seen Susan Boyle – a 47 year old woman – do yourself a favour. Go watch. And enjoy the rest of your day or night.

This 48-year-old woman is planning on doing the same.



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