lying and misrepresentation make u immoral scum…

Yep – they do. It’s like when you copy someone’s words and pretend they’re your own to get kudos from people. Faking it is fucked.

Was reading this today- Name ‘Em And Shame ‘Em, by @cameronreilly on Twitter – i didn’t hear about the fake video in question until i read his post. (links to the vid and various other sites on the link Name ‘Em And Shame ‘Em.)

The gist of it –  a Sydney ad agency ( Naked Communication) made a viral vid and put it on youtube –  supposedly a girl trying to find a guy she’d fallen in love with at first sight, who’d left a jacket in a restaurant. She wanted to return the jacket, and give twoo love a chance. It turned out to be a way of raising awareness of a clothing brand called Witchery.

Instead, it made around a quarter of people like the brand less, but Naked Communication said this was successful, because it had raised their client’s profile. Even Witchery was quoted as saying this was a good result. Nobody’s mentioned if sales went up – funny that.

A lot of people don’t agree that this is defensible – they say lying and deceiving people, and manipulating them like that, are wrong. Personally, i’m real tired of misleading and lying adverts. I’m also heartily sick of mlm scum.

They say it’s advertising, it’s marketing, it’s PR – any publicity is good, right?

Wrong, wombats – because Witchery just went to the bottom of the list of companies i’ll ever buy from.  I’ll also do my bit to pass the info along, like i’m doing here – don’t buy from these people – their contempt for the viewing and buying public shines through.

So – would you buy from a company that thought you were a stupid twat?

I wouldn’t. And i won’t.



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