i was hoping for sacred, but i hit profane

On the house rental search, I’ve seen two places in the last three days that i could live in, one was even under my budget. I can only assume that there aren’t any people left around here who can afford even cheap rentals, so prices are down. Yeehah, witness the revenge of the long-term-poor-without-debt. Oh, and praise be to Shadow Cat! I can afford to move.

To top it off, we even discovered a local area where there aren’t potholes in the roads. It was like driving into some magical fairyland, both of us saying, can you believe this? Anyone who’s driven into Budgewoi knows, the roads are freaking awful.

Suddenly, the urge to move is so strong. We’d both been burying it deep, as we didn’t think we could afford anything even ‘as good’ as the current place. It has to wait until after mid-May, when the last of three major bills are due. Still, at least we know there are some affordable places that look watertight – there weren’t last year. (This house leaks.)

I’m about to go do some sums, see if there’s any way we can manage moving before May. The owner is bound to try to put the rent up at Christmas, (has done for last 2 years), so want to be able to say “In your dreams!” *sounds of mocking laughter* Then i was going to run her over with the tank, but that’s still in the shop. A pacemaker exploded in the tracks – bloody pensioners, they’re the bane of my existence.

However, the agent, poor petal, does their best despite the cheapskate owner, so i won’t say that. (Obviously, i’m using ‘poor petal’ as a synonym for ‘selfish pig’.) *Runs over owner then backs up for round 2.*

In real life, I’ll bite my tongue (sometimes, discretion is the better part of valour – which means, i’m not stupid – though i’m full of freaking clichés). We’ve been brilliant tenants, and i want a good reference.

Passive-aggressive? Moi? (link is to a new favourite site, passive aggressive notes. For when you think you’re crazy – it’s nice to be reassured that you’re only halfway there.)
Actually, i edge into ultra-violence too frequently, lol.


Oh well *sighs* i knew having both cars with nearly the same registration date was a really bad idea. However, one step closer to moving – electricity bill out of the way, and joy, it was less than i was budgeting for by over a third. *does happy dance*

I get so annoyed when people say,” oh, i can’t budget”, like it’s optional – or “i don’t have enough money to live on, so no point trying to manage it.” Even the poor must budget. Or they will end up poorer – it’s guaranteed. Sticking your head up your arse and hoping for the best doesn’t work.

A friend of mine asked me to do a budget for her, and when i predicted she’d be five grand in debt inside a year, she actually said, I don’t want to talk about it any more, and went into debt for $12,000 instead. Her life is a constant struggle to survive, but she won’t fix any of her financial problems.

If that’s you? You need to grow up, learn to budget, face up to your debts, (organise a payment plan or declare bankruptcy if you need to), and live within your means. Frankly, if a percentage point (or less) of interest rise will break your budget, you can’t afford your current lifestyle.

Still, i doubt me saying it will make one blind bit of difference – instant gratification is all most people seem to care about. Others promote going into debt as a way to make money – lol – yes, that’s worked so well, hasn’t it? It gave us the World Financial Crisis, (or Greedy People FAIL, whatever you want to call it).

That’s what it is – all the people who thought they could get something for nothing –  a house they couldn’t afford with a loan they couldn’t afford from a bank who couldn’t actually afford to loan it, because they – like everyone else in the chain – were running on so much debt that any sane person (or a crazy person with basic arithmetic skills), might have gone a bit pale, at the least.

For years, it’s been obvious to anyone who wasn’t blinded with avarice that this was on its way – and i’m not an expert financially, (maybe i am, i can do a budget, and keep bookwork).

This is capitalism, kiddies – the poor get poorer, the rich get richer. And all the while, they promote the idea that if you’re not rich like them, it’s because you didn’t work hard enough. Enjoy.

P.S. as you can imagine, in this context, ‘kiddies’ is a synonym for
‘greed-soaked servants of the machine.’

This rant brought to you by the Queen of Darkness,
your friendly local despot and supreme being

Vote me for dictator – you know you want to.

I just read this over – hmm, maybe i am the Antichrist after all, lol.
Feck, that cheered me up.
*skips off to find chocolate and achieve my kind of Nirvana*

BTW – TwitterGrader is currently lying- i have 169 followers on Twitter.

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9 responses to “i was hoping for sacred, but i hit profane

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  • Tea

    I’m a member of the long-term-poor-without-debt club too! We’ve had so little money for so long, I’ve had to consider dropping the U from words like colour and neighbour. I like my superfluous U. Also, I hate the rich.

    Dave wants me to tell you he recommends calling yourself an anarcho-monarchist! He himself is an anarcho-pragmatist.

  • BradZed

    Seems there’s a lot more choice in the area now than there was six months ago.

    Our first rental in the area was a dinghy hole in Toukley near the Beachie, and our second six months later that we’ve recently moved into is a quite nice little place in Buff Point that’s only $10pw more.

    We’re also in the poor-but-no-debt club, it’s a liberating, happy place to be.

    • stinginthetail

      Buff Point is a nice spot, all tucked away there. last year i looked at the same time, and thought, argh, better to stay in the house of mould – tho didn’t realise how bad the mould was at the time.

      Poor but no debt rocks 🙂 and it means i sleep at night. I wish i could convince my family the same – Mr Whatsit does agree or i couldn’t live with him.

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