damnation, i forgot to put in some rock’n’roll

I only lasted a day with Demi Moore. Even the hawt pics of Ashton Kutcher didn’t make it worthwhile. I kept expecting her to say, “Make $$$! Ask me how!” She was ReTweeting Tony Robbins – and i have to say, if i wanted to follow Mr Robbins, i’d do it myself.

As an experiment, I am following CeilingCat on Twitter, which is sad, but still way better than reading the comments on the pictures on icanhascheezburger. Never do this. You will disappear into the giant pink-ribboned vortex where people dress up their animals.


On the weekend, after i said that i have one visitor to the front page per day,  there were people! *faints* 48 altogether on Sunday and 7 and 15 respectively on the first two posts. Of course, i hadn’t dusted for weeks – it’s the way it goes. *strokes my precious replies as though they were Persian cats and i was Mike Meyers*

Aside from those popping in after i’ve posted on their blogs, most are from Delicious. Woo, a bit of effort on Delicious seems to be paying off. Had to laugh – yes, most are here looking for the tags like ‘sex’. (Delicious gets better and better to use, too.)

About the sex – *takes off clothes and reveals…. a suit of samurai armour* sorry, i don’t do nudity. It’s in my contract.

I do discuss sex, on occasion, but I’m not very good to masturbate to, because most of the time I’m making jokes (which buggers up your rhythm), or getting angry over the Australian Government’s plans to introduce a net filter to stop you from ever again finding sex on your internet.


I visited a weird part of Twitter, SecretTweet, where anonymous people confess to all kinds of things, and it’s quite fascinating, poignant, tragic, and funny. Sometimes all at once.

“secret #33916 1 day ago on April 3, 2009 – I think a close friend is suffering from depression but not an expert and scared to talk to her about it”

Heaven’s sake, dearie, if you can find Twitter, and spell depression, you can Google “depressed friend”. (Yes, i’m using dearie as a synonym for fucktard in that sentence.)

“secret #33871 1 day ago on April 3, 2009 – You’re going away this weekend to get laid & think I don’t know. What you don’t know is: while you’re away, I’ll be getting laid too”

Revenge is not a lifestyle choice. It’s a sad indictment of the death of a relationship. Why do so many of us lie to ourselves? I’ve done it as much as anyone, *shudders at memories* hence it getting on my wick. Lying through my teeth to myself about why i was there and why i didn’t need to leave. That’s what it comes down to. You need to get out. Act.


A while back, i did a post I Visited the Nazi Party and Lived but it was really just some conservatives who were nice to me – (nice being a synonym for omg nobody killed me) but today i visited Wikileaks and saw what the real nazis are like. (Lost the link, but here’s the article in the SMH.)

It was scary to put it mildly. The fear was coming off those people in stinking, horrible waves. So busy blaming other people for everything wrong in their lives.

When it comes down to it – happiness is up to you. Life can be a bowl of freaking toenails – as Irma Bombeck said (but without the freaking) – and i can tell you this – wealth, success, and celebrity won’t happen to everyone.

However, Zen, joy in the moment, and the reason you’re here – to enjoy this physical plane, to love and learn – is right here, right now.


Right, time to wind this up, who have I slagged off? Nazis, well, that’s not controversial, i’m pretty much riding with the pack there. People who commit adultery, people who are dishonest in relationships  – though note, i did admit i’m as stupid as the next person. I may have annoyed some proponents of Eastern religions, which wasn’t at all intentional. I may annoy some MLM people for denying a basic tenet of their religion.

Did i slip in sex, religion, and politics? We haz controversee! My work here is done. And i’ve used enough lolspeak to drive certain people completely demented.

*slips on kevlar vest and gets the fire extinguisher ready*

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