darn it, do i have to be controversial?

I was thinking people respond more when i do cranky blogs, and then I discovered the in-depth reading stats for this blog. Woo. I thought maybe a new post would be read a few times over a couple of days – but no. One visit a day. I appreciate you coming, lol.

Oh – i was going to be a controversial grump. Well, gosh, i don’t want to upset anyone. What if i offend the Lone Reader? Besides, hormonal overload isn’t peaking yet, and if i don’t get it right, nobody will read. And then where will i be? Well, exactly – blogging in the dark is one thing, but blogging underground is another.

My last blog, (on a private site), took me about six months to build up a small following, so as I’ve only been going for about three weeks i really should be Zen about it. And it could be worse.

I keep reminding myself of that lately. About everything. Yes, we have to move, (the house has mould in it, and landlord won’t fix because would probably mean 10’s of 1,000’s of $), but it could be worse. We don’t have to, in the sense we’re  not being thrown out into the street.

Yes, i’m ill, (so’s Mr Whatsit – mainly from the mould, see Argh – My House is Trying to Kill Me), but that could be heaps worse – i have people close to me who are really ill, who can barely walk, or can’t at all, so i tend to count my blessings. This too shall pass.

In six months, i’ll have some more readers (or die in the freaking attempt), i’ll be moved (and let’s face it, better than this just has to be ‘the roof and windows don’t leak’), and my health is going to improve – whether it likes it or not!

There, i got quite rantish towards the end. No, rantish is not a word. I’m tired, my head is full of stuff (mucous, if you want to get personal), and my English (for a native speaker) often bends the language until it snaps. And now, i’ve hit new depths – arguing with the voices outside my head in public. (The voices outside my head are usually right – the ones inside are often deluded.)

Oh – and i’m tired because Summer Time ended, (daylight saving) the clocks went back an hour, and i forgot. So when i woke up and saw it was 7.30am, i thought, okay, i’ll get up. And really, it was 6.30, and i didn’t realise my mistake for 2 hours. Plus *looks very grumpy* i’m out of kilter because coming off Summer Time always screws my body clock up. *sighs*

Could have been worse, lol, at least i noticed the time before Monday. (I have a flu shot then – how exciting is my life?)


Then, i got a nice Tweet from someone, and a lovely note from a random visitor – that’s TWO visitors today – i’ve doubled my average! Yes, in your face, Al Gore, i will overcome.

Oh – and in further news from the Twitter front, your intrepid monarch has finally got bored with needling GuyKawasaki and unfollowed him –  i mean, ffs, the guy didn’t even crack a smile when i sent him my Twitter badge. Who else famous have i dumped? I still have Stephen Fry, Eddie Izzard, and (mah secret love) Bill Bailey. Je t’adore, Bill.

Oh *shows shame* i added Aston Kutcher and Demi Moore. They’re actually rather nice – and Demi takes some interesting pics. Shallow, moi? Honey, i am only skin-deep. Besides, he’s take-your-breath-away pretty (so’s she, but i’m basically hetero), and she takes pics of him. (All these people can be found by using Twitter’s Search function.)

I’m hovering on the 150 Followers mark – Following the same – but Twitter’s like the tides. I’ve learned my lesson though, i nearly posted on a conservative blog today, and stopped just in time – though i suppose cranky conservative traffic is still traffic, right?

Being a cranky “something far leftish” is more my thing, though i’m so far left, that i run into the nazis coming back the other way. I can’t decide what i am really, as being monarchist puts me right, then being anarchist puts me left.

Let me be queen, *best smile* don’t worry your little heads about the politics, and i promise, i’ll make it good for you.

Over here, in the Kingdom of Darkness, we have cake.

Bite Me

Bite Me (click to visit the wonderful CakeWrecks blog)

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8 responses to “darn it, do i have to be controversial?

  • Tea

    Bill Bailey is on Twitter?! This is the best news so far today! Okay, it’s only 4:18am, but I don’t think it’s going to get much better than that!

  • stinginthetail

    lol – he’s RealBillBailey

    • Tea

      If he’s not the REAL RealBillBailey, I shall be sad. 😦

      • stinginthetail

        he seems to be the real thing (unlike the fake c walkens, which are breeding, and i’ve stopped following completely)- i had brief chat about US car manufacturers and oil companies destroying public transport – omg, and he talked back to me! Was just on topic, but i was overjoyed. 🙂 he’s my fave xylophone grand master.

        oh – and i got him out of one of the other english comedian’s list of who he was following. I figure they do know who’s real and who’s not. (i’m a great scrutiniser of other people’s lists, lol)

  • Harry Daniels

    lol interesting post i’ll foloow the next articles also…

  • Jenny, Bloggess

    I don’t think I follow any famous people. They only follow back other famous people. Too incestuous.

    PS. Guy Kawasaki doesn’t do all his twittering himself. He has other people who also have access to his twitter because he’s busy so he might not even have seen what you sent him. He’s a friend of mine and still ignores my emails occassionally. It’s not you.

    PPS. Ironic Hello Kitty badges rock.

    • stinginthetail

      oh Jenny 🙂 ty for visiting – and yes, i only follow famous people who amuse me now.

      PS – yes, i knew that about gregkawasaki (he said so on one of his blogs/articles i read) – am sure he’s a lovely bloke, i did read his website. Of course, i also know he’s not really the inventor of the Kawasaki motorcyle. i really stopped following him because the retweets weren’t actually enthralling me. (The fact that he (or his staff) didn’t laugh at mah badges was just collateral damage.)

      PPS i think Hello Kitty just lends itself to irony – and possibly stupidity too. Did you see the Hello Kitty forehead tattoo? Yes, tattoo. People are strange.

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