yes, that’s my brain there, on the floor

I may be incoherent. I’ve just spent about five hours wrestling with Delicious and incorporating it into Mozilla Firefox. I do think arrgh is the word i’m looking for, but it’s all come together now, just in time for me to be too tired to really write much. It wasn’t hard, but learning curves are learning curves.

As for explaining it, well, in your dreams, mate – at least at this point. However, i think i’m working it. If you would like the basics, here’s what Delicious is and why should you use it. As they say “Delicious greatly improves how people discover, remember and share on the Internet.”

I have also learned Digg – well, i’ve installed it. And StumbleUpon – which is really excellent, actually. My brain’s now pink blancmange, and not much good for anything.

Oh – but i joined Twitter Graderyes, i am among the Elite for the Central Coast NSW. *tired happy dance* Ha, in your face, Al Gore. I now have a widget on my site that counts my Twitter followers. I’m one of the big kids. I even adapted my widgets. Yes, i wiggled the code. Omg. I haven’t done this since 1999 or thereabouts.

I just wanted a blog, lol – next thing i’m being sucked into the great vortex of the Twitterverse, and learning html in more depth than i really care to. A woman my age knowing html is useless, there’s a million 25 year old males who know it better. If i could afford it, i would hire one of them, and make him do it. *sighs* Or if i had a rifle, that would work as well as money.

Totally spooky thing, and which may have freaked out the feds – i had a moment of clairvoyance. While i was wittering on about smuggling Kalashnikovs, someone was doing it – yep, Aussie Customs caught their first ever Kalashnikov. I wonder if it was pink like my dream one?

Oh – and i installed another widget – in the second panel down on the left of the blog page (below Contact Me). Add This means you can add this site to your favourites or bookmark it on almost any network.

Pretty coloured buttons…

*sounds of snoring*



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6 responses to “yes, that’s my brain there, on the floor

  • Tea

    I’m scared to look too far into Delicious and Digg and their brethren. It’s that whole “staring too long into the abyss” thing!

    The rifle bit reminds me of Al Capone! “You can get much further with a kind word and a gun than you can with a kind word alone.” Words to live by, if ever there was!

    • stinginthetail

      yes, i spent a month or so reading other people on the subjects – and then launched self into their help pages – was easy to install, but i can see why people go mad – especially with StumbleUpon – it’s sooooo addictive, cos they give you a random button on your browser, where you can just go bam, show me something – and mostly? It’s INTERESTING… so you read it, and say woo, i vote thumbs up. So you hit StumbleUpon Button again…. and again… arrrggghhhhhh – oh – you’re now listed on Delicious 😀 If you suddenly get 100’s of hits, it’s cos someone more rated than moi has picked you up, lol.

  • bald outing

    randomly found your page – i love it!

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