in which i rediscover the calm centre of my soul

Real life is suffering, I’m running out of time – already, housework and cooking are taking a back seat to Twitter and Stumbleupon. Working on my book has ceased. Well, i open it up, have it there, on my desktop, while i happily Stumble around the net. Sometimes, i post my finds on Twitter. In only 24 hours, i’ve become a complete addict. Now i understand this picture i saw a few months back.

Oh crap, i just stopped then, to do a quick Stumble. *sighs* This is how most revolutions end, you know, someone gets addicted to something, even if it’s just their own self-importance. On the bright side, i found some very nice Twitter backgrounds for free with step by step instructions for those who need them.

first, iron your frog flat, add some glitter and purple

first, iron your frog flat, add some glitter and purple - pretty!

I think i’m going to have to take Stumbleupon off my browser, one click is too close. Oh phew! I did it – i am safe. I officially love StumbleUpon – but for your own sake, go to View, Toolbars, and click the Stumble Toolbar off. You can always get it out again when you want to, instead of compulsively clicking over and over.

I’ve had to put my life on hold, with having to move (my house has mould and is trying to kill me), and it’s hard to keep working creatively when my brain is so focused on the future and how completely crappy rentals are. So easy to get sucked into timesinks, when i should be doing something creative.

Least, that’s my current excuse, lol. I am losing patience with some things. Like myself. Zen and the Art of World Domination™ is all about being in the moment, and i’m definitely living ahead. Time to regroup a little. So i had a bit of a play on Twitter.  I said “my badges are better than your badges” to Guy Kawasaki and sent him the one below.

my Twitter Followers' badge design

my Twitter Followers' badge design

And to the man in charge of, (who i was following, all unbeknownst), i said,  “oh? you’re a minion of darkness 🙂 trust me to find one.” The voices (outside my head) assure me that this is how one influences people and makes friends.

Someone said that Facebook made them dependent on alcohol, which made me want to laugh loudly, so i replied “Facebook ate my baby” and then stopped Following him when he didn’t laugh back.

Note, i didn’t swear once. I’m being ever so good, really. I have been reading Machiavelli – a potted version perfect for the despot on the go. They even have a really short summary of the edited version, for the dictator with only a moment to spare.

Where else, but at the Squashed Philosophers? *does quick shimmy* oh yes. As they say, “Few of the greats of philosophy have had proper jobs” but Marcus Aurelius was an emperor. See, i’m back in the now, planning evil and taking over the world. *happy sigh*

Milestones this week included someone famous tweeting back at me, (and a few people i really admired tweeted back too, and me being me, i got all overcome at all of them, and had to go eat chocolate), and having a couple of my posts retweeted.  *tries to sound casual* Jenny the Bloggess is following me back. (I needed wine when i saw her in my Follower list, and it was only nine in the morning.) I’m trying to be casual just in case she stops, and i have to admit it.

Oh! Oh! And the lovely cameronreilly is either humoring me or he liked my jokes, because he gave me a #followfriday. Every Friday, everyone makes lists of people they like, and says “#followfriday @user” and people do.

I did a #followfriday too, earlier, and was about to do another with Cameron Reilly in it,  when he did me. Omg, what’s the Twittiquette? Do i #followfriday again, with him, or will i look sucky?

Twitter is fraught. Seriously. But yes, it’s fun. Seriously. And unbelievably useful in unexpected ways. This is going to make me sound like a true believer – and you know, we deities don’t have to believe, we just are – but blogging and starting Twitter has reminded me of all the reasons i enjoy the Internet.

Serendipitous connections leading to laughter, for one.

Excuse me, i have people to tweet about. And i got my act together, and did a roast chicken dinner, which is nearly ready, yay!



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