sorry, was i making you dizzy?

It’s not intentional. My two regular visitors will have been close to nausea the way this blog’s been changing colours and styles. My own learning curve with how this works is at fault.

I finally decided the style i wanted was the one i had last week. It’s the only 3 column one I like, and i have all these widgets. They’re the little things around the page – like the Recent Posts widget.

I couldn’t get it to work last week, but read up on it, realised what was probably wrong, reloaded it, and of course, because i wasn’t expecting it to work, it did. So i didn’t need the debugging help after all. Computers are weird. We all know that.

On Twitter, I’m trying to cull the marketers from the Who I’m Following List. I have 51 Followers. You can bet Al Gore is starting to sweat. I’m following 88. I’ve suddenly started getting very young men following me on Twitter, which is a bit scary. I have responsibilities, not to harm their young minds.

Pagan Computer Science

Pagan Computer Science

They’re all hyper-achievers, (not the slackers i was expecting – I’m judging people by what i was like at that age again), with websites of their own that show off the most amazing minds. I’m attracting child prodigies. Life gets weirder.

I’ve made some pics on icanhazcheeseburger to cater for my new following – they’re the ones on this post. Which reminds me, no more sex with God. Still, i reckon anyone who sees the header is going to figure out there might be bad language at the bloody least.

Oh yeah, the Sheila Bastard thing. What’s that about? I hear you say. (The miracles of artistic licence.) It’s my name from about 20 years ago, when a friend used to joke that he wanted me as his band manager, but i had to use that name, because it would scare the A&R guys even more than me in full-on World Domination mode would.

It’s a joke, on being Australian –  ‘sheila’ means ‘woman’ in Aussie slang, and ‘bastard’ is both an epithet and a term of endearment. So Sheila Bastard I became. Sheila’s a convenient nickname for those who need a first name, as I’m not prepared to share my own on this blog. Not interested in getting any stalkers.

I now have zero tolerance for those who choose to stay insane. Let them stalk someone else. Me stalking Eddie Izzard and Stephen Fry on Twitter is not the same thing. Oh wow, speaking of Twitter – i just found this. It’s an animated world map of Tweets, quite amazing to watch.

I am up to 55 Followers. Ha, eat my Tweets, Al Gore. And of course, it being Twitter, the number I’m Following has gone up to 82.

Here’s a nice religious poster to end with.

Thought for the Day from Stinginthetale Ministries

Thought for the Day from Stinginthetale Ministries



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