i read a lot of stuff, some of it soaks into my head and stays there. One bit was when i was learning (well, my first day) on WordPress, reading help pages, and they had suggestions for what to do when your work was plagiarised (there are different things to do, depending if plagiarist is on this site or not).

They said, check every so often, just take a post from your blog, and post a chunk of the text into Google. Well, during an ad break, i did, and SOME BASTARD had stolen this post. The fucktard even left my name in the text, just cut and pasted it wholesale.

Anyway, i sent off a report to blogspot about the blog, which wasn’t easy, they don’t have a direct way. I had to report it as them stealing my identity.

I did the report, including my real name, a photograph, etc. And bam, take that plagiarising scum from Hell! So i looked at the rest of the blog. And every freaking post was stolen.

Having just left a site because several of the bloggers were outed as fakes and plagiarists and the site did nothing, i was annoyed. Plus i had some time to spare. Eight google searches later, i’d left comments on eight blogs, to say, excuse me, but while you were happily blogging away there, someone sneaked in and stole your words.

I hope they all complain to blogspot, and that blogspot NUKE THE MOFO! Ahem. I’m not generally in favour of the death penalty, but for word stealing i’ll go with it. *mutter*

It is kinda flattering – i’ve already got stalkers, hence my real name not being on this blog, and now i have someone pretending they could possibly write like me. Pffft. When i am queen, i will hunt down the pile of wombat droppings and crush him/her like a … wombat dropping!

Anyway – i also adjusted my blog, so it doesn’t show more than the first 50 words on one of those feed readers – how to is here.

What was it about copyright you didn’t understand, twatbreath?

i poke fun at word-rustlers

i poke fun at word-rustlers

I just realised, i was literally online with this blog for two days before being plagiarised. I started on the 10th, the post he copied was written on the 12th, and he re-posted it the same day.

Fucking A 😀 i think that might be a record!

Postscript 15th April 2009 – Google (who own blogspot) have changed their plagiarism/content theft reporting – you now no longer have to write or fax, you can make your report online, and it’s dead-easy. About effing time, in my view – they’ve been making it easier for the thieves – now, anyone with problems can go to their report page.

(Or cut and paste



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