We can’t play naked Twister – we’ll get banned

Coming soon – an Internet Filter over the whole of Australia, (each ISP will be forced to filter your net access) to stop ALL nudity, violence, and anything faintly adult on the Australian net. You will be able to opt in to some adult content, but a lot will be banned completely, under laws against porn, violence, lawbreaking, or instructing/inciting someone to do these things – doesn’t matter if it’s real, it can be cartoons. So yeah, anime, hentai, and any RPG that misses a G rating will be banned. (See end of this blog post for breaking news on which sites are being banned already.)

Of course, by opting in to mild nudity, you will be outed as a pervert. Even if all you wanted to do was look at this blog. (Yeah, I think I’m probably adult – those trannies are going to up my score. Plus i’m going to cover sex with household appliances soon.) The government will be watching you. They’re probably watching me, i’ve written to my MP rather sarcastically.

Didn’t you know that – about being a paedophile from looking at adults having sex, or just being nude? No, neither did I, and with the amount of porn I’ve seen in the last ten years, you’d think I would have had some urges before now.

Let me perform a quick lobotomy before I snap and go down to the primary school. Wait, *stops sharpening the axe* something’s wrong with their theory. I still don’t even LIKE children. That doesn’t mean I want to abuse them, either – it means that I don’t want to be anywhere near them. A decade of hardcore porn, years of Family Guy, and I’m not a paedophile. I’m not abusive, depraved, or violent. Oops.

So much for religious theory on the causes of paedophilia and problems in society – and so much for the powers of nudity, whips and chains, Peter Griffin, and large object insertions. The latter, I only look at for a laugh. Seriously, they are so funny – a bunch of women with really elastic vag’s having a giggle as they compete to see who can fit a toaster up there.

Not plugged in, obviously, they’re not suicidal. And there’s a woman holding onto the toaster by the cord, to make sure it doesn’t get lost. You might see some bloke doing the same with a Hummer with a rope tied to it – men always do it bigger. Up to the hubcaps! None of this nancying about with toasters!

However, mustn’t harm the kidlets. Well, aside from the obvious, when we let people breed without any kind of check. Now call me crazy, but when it comes to drug addicts, I think their kids being alone on the comp are probably the least of those kids’ problems. At least, before the Filter, the kid will be able to look up Drug Crisis or Help Overdose without being arrested by the Feds. What do you mean, you’re not a drug addict, but you let your child be online unsupervised, (shut it in its bedroom, like so many I know) – are you fucking insane?

Don’t you know how easy it is to accidentally happen on really explicit pictures and content? *sicks up a bit at the memories* There’s stuff on there that’s damaging to adults, ffs. Especially when you’re surfing sans underpants, with Google’s Safesearch switched off. Which I told you all how to do in a previous post.

I’m 48, open about sex (yeah, you noticed, lol), with a quarter of a century of using computers behind me. I would never let a child use the net alone. Yet over and over again, parents ignore me, until i say let me show you what you can see. Now, ignoring your child’s moral danger, and letting it become sexualised, is child abuse. Sexualising means you’re grooming that child to be sexually interested and active, even when it is pre-pubescent.

As for the World Wide Web, your sexualised child is more likely to fall for a paedophile’s blandishments. (And you’re not watching, so how the fuck would you know?) No, I’m not joking at all. Sexualising is as bad as actually sexually or physically abusing your children.

The Filter is easy to get past – though you can’t speed your net back up, and you will of course be suddenly criminalised – but the Filter won’t help stop sexual content unless you do what you should be doing now – you keep an eye on your kids. If you’re doing that, i don’t need legal adult content banned on MY fucking net.

As for the fundamentalist Christians, so afraid of their own dark side, who think an adult just seeing anything Walt Disney would have banned will result in immediate and utter dissolution of their entire moral code, seriously, you’re pathetic. “Omg, honey, I just saw an ad for a vibrator, now I’ve given up God. I set fire to the old peoples’ home. I sold the children for medical experiments. And I’m leaving you for an anaconda. I’m not sorry at all!” *sound of a man sobbing as a woman’s stiletto heels click away*

How sad that their moral code is so shallow, ephemeral, and obviously meaningless to them. If it really meant something, they wouldn’t be so afraid some tits or a cartoon gun might make them go astray. Or that me looking at those things might affect them in some way.

sick sick sick

sick sick sick

BE HEARD You can find out more, sign petitions, and send emails to the people who matter from these sites. It’s all set up, easy to do. http://somebodythinkofthechildren.com



BREAKING NEWS>>> Just leaked – the government’s new banned sites listthe blacklist.

More on Somebody Think of the Children. ” [the banned list] is clearly not the perfect weapon against child-abuse it has been made out to be… Many of the sites clearly contain only run-of-the-mill adult material, poker tips, or nothing controversial at all. Even if some of these sites may have been defaced at the time they were added to the list, how would the operators get their sites removed if the list is secret and no appeal is possible?’”(My italics.)

To quote the SMH and Asher Moses… “But about half of the sites on the list are not related to child porn and include a slew of online poker sites, YouTube links, regular gay and straight porn sites, Wikipedia entries, euthanasia sites, websites of fringe religions such as satanic sites, fetish sites, Christian sites, the website of a tour operator and even a Queensland dentist.”

Yep, these people are nuts. Mind you – when did fetish become a fringe religion?

The list will be published on WikiLeaks – but you won’t be able to view it for long and I can’t link to it. This is why – to quote WikiLeaks: “On 16 March 2009, the Australian Communications and Media Authority added Wikileaks to their blacklist, and threatened anyone linking to the site with $AU11,000-a-day fines.” That’s a lot of cake and office chairs, and God knows how many phone cards. “The site will be blocked for all Australians if the mandatory internet filtering censorship scheme is implemented as planned.”

WikiLeaks is a whistleblower site. It’s people who are being made to do something morally corrupt, who refuse and come forward, to make a stand and inform the public.

Why would a democratic Australian government be afraid of it?

After all, we’re not China, are we?

Did i miss a coup?

PS – i was joking only about the toasters and the Hummer – they’d both be way too spiky, obviously. Everything else is true.

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