There’s something i’ve forgotten…

Twitter has an estimated 6,000,000* members  – yeah, I was one of the first 6 million. *shines nails* Another milestone to tell my niece and nephew about. Niece is only five, and I am pretty sure she doesn’t even have her own email yet. Her mother doesn’t. How can you get to *pause while I figure out how old her mother is* …40 and not have your own email?

Oh, that reminds me, Nephew, (different mother, is 20) you are totally pwned, with the Twitter thing. Yeah, knowing all those massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG) by name, and being able to use one of those stupid Xbox controllers, doesn’t make you totally cool. You don’t have your fingertips pressed to the pulse of the digital zeitgeist. So nyah.

Oh – wait, no, he owns me after all. I’m a Luddite with my mobile phone so not a true Twitter (Twitterer? Twitter-er-er? I like Twitter-rah-rah.) I accidentally make movies when I’m trying to access the address book. Take pictures when I’m trying to turn the volume down. Sending text messages on it reduces me to tears.

I used to be able to SMS with my old phone, but this one I use so rarely that whenever I need to reply to a text, I’ve forgotten where the delete button is. I can build a freaking computer from parts, goddamnit!

I’ve never sent anything to the net from my phone, despite having this capability for nearly 2 years. Maybe it’s the cost – I don’t actually have the spare dollars, and the net is slooooooww in Australia, so everything is slower and costs more. (And they want to put a filter on top of that, to slow it more.)

Unless this latest bid for world domination succeeds financially I can’t see Twitter getting my number, besides, any ill-gotten gains will go on a better chair. Or cake.  Lol, though someone may send me a phonecard if I pitch it right.

Note to Self Re: Bid for World Domination No. 3409 – I have decided to stop writing seriously, and instead beg for cake and phonecards on the internet become an internet celebrity. No, don’t laugh! You’ll baulk me. I only want to be a small celebrity. It’s quite conceivable. I can be a small fish in a big pond.

TeeGarden/Nash collection

TeeGarden/Nash collection

Oh – speaking of world domination, if you Twitter, check out DarthVader – yep, I have joined the Dark Side. Seriously, they have laughter. Twitter will never get my phone-number, lol. Wait, don’t say never, that’s a way of guaranteeing I’ll have to eat my words. Like the time about two years ago when I said huh, blogging is for fucktards.

In my defence, the one blog I’d read was a woman justifying her lurve for a married man she saw once a month. Did I mention, I’m judgemental? Yeah, if you act like a fucktard, I’ll probably assume you are one.

Good news, I finally (after first noticing it a couple of days ago) found out what SXSW is! I thought it was something to do with Science Fiction. (Didn’t really read it properly.) No, I can’t tell you what it means. I’m not being mean, I don’t remember.

You have your own browser, lift those fingers and Google. I do remember it used to be a music festival in Texas, but it has several names, and it’s a big multimedia digital festival thingie now. And the SXSW stands for S x SW or South By SouthWest. (Duh, lol.)  Yeah, I relented and put in a link. I’m not always cruel.

I’ve read a lot yesterday, you can’t expect me to remember everything. I’ve been slacking completely over my book, which I’m annoyed over. I did blog, read blogs, managed to pay the bills, and I went OUT and shopped. Oh – and I did the normal human things like eat and shower, I even cooked a fabulous dinner, so I suppose I’m not that much of a slacker.

Feck, I missed masturbating!
Not superwoman after all.

NB It’s called Tweeting, not Twitting, Twatting, Twottering, or Twutting
or any of the other cool names i thought of.

*originally, this post said 100,000 , but in hindsight, I thought that can’t be right – though (i thought) someone Tweeted it on Sunday night. There are people (the US President) with 500,000+ followers. Maybe i’m just part of the first million? I tried to look back to see who’d said that on Sunday and Twitter didn’t respond well. I did some research… ah, yes, must be a million or more. Note, the figure of nearly a million unique users late last year was only people using a certain cellphone – so i’m part (possibly) of the first (at least) million or more.

Then i found another bit of news, where they said 5 million. *sighs* Then someone else said 6 million.



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