they weren’t disciples…

…they were spammers –  anyone would think we’re on the net. However, only had to delete and block two of my Twitter followers.  The two brave men who rushed in to replace them turned out okay so far. Though ‘debt freedom‘ (something like that) is a funny name.

Follower is the official name for those watching me on Twitter. I know that, thanks to Eddie Izzard starting a vote on changing it to friends. I nearly said, but i want disciples, but i thought that might make my plans for world domination kinda obvious, and besides, Eddie might block me as a mad person.

Oh yeah, I stopped the silent stalking, and Twittered Eddie this morning- i didn’t use the F word once. *looks proud* I hope it sounded sane, i said, “here’s to wardrobe equality” and smiled nicely. He’d just said he was still a transvestite, and the wardrobe equality line was part of his act about 20 years ago – the last time i saw him. It was my little way of saying, you’re so fucking funny, i could watch you do anything.

Now Eddie does a nice blend of masculine and feminine, (including a very dapper beard) which he carries off with a suaveness i admire. He doesn’t pretend to be a woman, or ape women in some horribly twee male idea of what ‘girlie behaviour’ is. As a result – he is hot to women who don’t like emasculated men.

Unfortunately, most men who dress as women don’t do that. They try to be “like women” and wonder why most women can’t stand them. Sadly, the last time they paid any attention to a woman, she was acting like a 14 year old. Or a gay man.

the Unconvincing Transvestites from Little Britain

the Unconvincing Transvestites from Little Britain

Men who dress as women are usually described as Transgender (TG) – wants to be a woman – or Transvestite (TV) – dresses as one but not all the time.

I don’t have any kind of problem with either – you want to have some fun blending genders in the bedroom or as a performance, you go ahead. Likewise, if modelling yourself on a woman’s body is the only thing that will make you happy,  i will support your right to do so.

However, as a woman, i find it offensive when someone who calls themselves a woman then gets to be one. Let them be something else. Let’s see if i can explain this properly without getting flamed too badly.

You saying you are a woman is like me saying i am now black. I’ve dyed my skin, had a little facial surgery, and am pretending to be Ghanaian. You would begin to laugh, right? Or you would be sick all over me. Either response is correct.

Or (like many TG’s i know) I’ll announce that i’m going to do these things in the future, so i look more authentic and can pass for black. In the meantime, i’m going to live as a black person and everyone has to pretend i am one.

Let’s all fall about laughing for a while rather than being sick, i mean, i’m obviously deluded, right? Sheesh, can you imagine, what any black/brown/whatever person that you tell that pile of complete crap to, is going to do to you? Saying, “But i’ve always felt i was African, deep down” in impassioned tones, is not going to help.

So why, as a woman, do I have to pretend that men (who may or may not be men under their clothes, and are men in their genes) are women? Why can they share my women-only changerooms, toilets, and gyms?

I don’t care if you did have the op – no, you are not my sister. No, you don’t get to be a feminist lesbian. Especially not when the only sex partners you have are other TG’s. Be proud of what you are. (Or find another name you like, but woman is taken.)

Unless you’re genetically female (or some blend), then you’re not even part-woman, no matter that your passport is a female one. I understand that without it, MEN’S homophobia would mean you’d be in actual physical danger, but it is like me saying i’m black and the government issuing me ID that puts race as black.

Being a woman is more than breasts, a working clit, and a self-saucing vag – which are all offered as options with male-to-female surgery now. It’s not just “Hmm, i think I want to be a girl.”

However – i will continue, (the above-outlined thoughts notwithstanding) to call my TG/TV friends women – because it makes them happy.

I’m a real woman, you see – I have some fucking EMPATHY. I’d like some in return. I’d like you to stop appropriating my experience – find yourself a new name – i don’t pretend to know what it’s like to be a man feeling you’re a woman, and i’d be a racist idiot if i thought i knew what it was like to be non-Caucasian – so don’t pretend you know what being female is like.

Ahem *gets off soapbox* I did warn you this week was going to be a doozy.



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