i feel a need…

not sure what it is. I think, therefore I blog. Deep thought requires deep blogs. I’ve started and discarded about three ideas today. I don’t usually throw words away, but those i deleted completely.

I was sounding whiny. I hate that. When life gets on top of you and despite being basically a happy person you come off sounding like the worst kind of depressive emo. “Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, sitting in the garden eating worms.” A good description of emo – they make misery a self-fulfilling prophecy.That isn’t usually me.

This is a pic i did when i was premenstrual – this isn’t PMS, you still have that to experience. This is just “i’m feeling petulant because i went to the dentist this morning and i have a cold and i’m on antibiotics and i hate antibiotics and i have to take so many freaking pills now i RATTLE WHEN I WALK!”

Ahem. Sorry about that. *checks date* Nope, i’m not pms’ing, i’m just peeved. Hehehehe.

a weird pic with my words

Religion coming to get you

Yeah, i went to a convent school, (for 2 horrific years) and amazingly, i haven’t killed any nuns since. I get urges, but i’m a civilised human.

Oh hey – it’s okay – i just double-checked my cycle, and i misread it. (Yeah, mine’s in a spreadsheet, how else does a girl keep track?) I AM premenstrual 😀

Phew, i thought i was just beginning to embody crankiness-in-being. Is there a goddess for that? Who does the premenstrual woman pray to? Who do her poor victims people she meets pray to? Oh – i have it – Kali, the Destroyer, hehehe. Let’s cut through the niceties, shall we?

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