i’m hiding from Twitter

It’s the end of the world as I know it… yeah, I joined Twitter. It’s much more fun than I thought. If you don’t know it, it’s a kind of messaging system with a 140 character maximum. I was lucky, a lightning storm came through, i had to break my connection, and Twitter let me go. Phew, I could have been trapped in there for days.

No way is that thing getting my phone number. I may not have a life, but it’s a relaxed, creative non-life, with no mobile phones bothering me in it. Mine rings about once a month. I know – how totally 20th Century.  I like peace and quiet.

So i have no idea why i joined Twitter, other than lots of people i know were doing it, only now i can’t remember their tags on there.  I sent my first Twitter-poseur email, told a girl friend my handle.

Jeez, like I need another timesink. I have my blog! I can easily spend all day messing around in blogland, instead of doing something useful…

from datamining.typepad.com

graph of a Twitter users network at datamining.typepad.com

……. several hours later

Huh? Oh, damn, what was i saying? I logged back into Twitter, and I think I might be brain dead. I seriously contemplated following Britney Spears (its alright, you don’t have to shoot me, i resisted temptation – maybe it’s Twittertation). I managed to escape with only Al Gore as a Twitter buddy (or whatever) on my list. Jeez. Why did I buddy with Penn out of Penn & Teller? I like their humour, i suppose. But i don’t even like Al Gore! I’m not going back there to delete them all, i’ll start reading again.

*unplugs the net again* save yourselves, lol.

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