i can walk away any time

Lots of people are giving stuff up for Lent. Yeah, I accidentally landed on a religious website, it never bodes well. I’m likely to get annoyed with the Pope, or anyone else, telling me they have exclusive rights on knowledge of the Divine.

However, Lent isn’t a bad concept. Basically, you pick something to give up for a while – 40 days to be precise – used to be you gave up meat, sweets, chocolate, oral sex – the works. If you enjoyed it, or if it was fun the Church had a reason to ban it, then it was included.

After Lent, one could appreciate life generally, be reminded of God in one’s life, and it was civilising, in that it separated a person from base instinct and appetites (food, sex, um, is there anything else? oh, yeah, coffee!), and made their mind the one in control.

After an afternoon wandering around the net, you can’t help thinking that might be a cool thing to promote, though the first thing i’d give up for Lent would be organised religions, lol.

Taking a break is essential – from the good and the bad. It gives us back our freshness, our delight in the ordinary aspects of something we once enjoyed, or giving it up can show us when we’ve outgrown a part of our lives.

I know it’s time when I start I start getting irritated by a place. It’s not their fault – it’s me. Usually, i just shed the crap. It’s best to laugh at the fucktards, not engage with them.

I’m taking breaks from several things I once enjoyed that had become a grind.  Places I used to hang out online are going through fucktard-infestations bad stages, so I wandered off. Am I addicted? There’s one way to find out. Stop for a while.

I was blogging privately, about 8 months or so but wanted a break from the site. I lasted two days not blogging, lol. So here i am on WordPress.

My name is Sheila, and I’m a blog-junkie.

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