argh, my house is trying to kill me

A couple of years ago, we were flooded, thigh-high downstairs. I’d noted to a bunch of people, including stupid doctors who didn’t deserve the title five medical professionals, that my extreme allergy problems and other weird symptoms started right after those floods. The medical professionals all just nodded, said yes, you’re definitely ill, and drew no conclusions.

A total of 3 general practitioner doctors (the first two reached a point where they just said, sorry, I don’t know what’s wrong with you, can I give you more pills for the symptoms?), and at least no.3 is still trying. The 2 specialists were likewise stumped (rafts of tests showed nothing wrong with my heart or my eyes). I was about to hit another specialist, this time for allergy testing (I’ve been waiting since last August for the appointment, which they promise to let me know4 weeks in advance, but haven’t yet).

I was sure (despite the battery of tests for everything from cancer to MS to diabetes to congestive heart failure), that i had SOMETHING. Either that or it was all psychosomatic, and I had, at last, gone completely nuts – either way, lol, it was crushing me.

I have disabilities – my spine and knees haven’t forgiven me for all the car accidents, and  I also have Post Viral Syndrome  from 15 years ago -right after my last car accident i got a doozy of a sore throat, and tried to keep working. It was so bad, i even went to the doc, something i rarely did in those days. Let me be a warning to you – don’t soldier on.

On a practical level, the PVS means my immune system works overtime (I don’t get colds badly most of the time, but when i get one, it means my immune system’s been trashed, and i’m in trouble), and i tend to get overtired- i’ve learned to live with it, but then the floods hit.

We cleaned up at the time, and our prompt action stopped the carpets from going mouldy and there from being much visible mould.

I’d been working hard to get healthier, but despite losing over 20kg (45lbs) and giving up smoking cigarettes, i was still sick as a bloody dog.  I was even thinking pity i don’t like tobacco, seeing giving up has done bugger all for my health. (Yeah, after 16 months the nicotine still speaks to me, lol, but i don’t listen to that bitch-mistress any more.)

I was thinking I’d rewash the worst places for the mould, and went to look up online the best way. I use a wash of lemon oil (10 drops) and 200ml vinegar (about a cup) in half a bucket of water, which works well and doesn’t set off my allergies the way Exit Mould does. Then  I saw this piece on mould (mold), and then this .pdf file on Flooding, how you always get massive amounts of mould after only 2 days of floods (we had 4).

A woman and her family in the piece on mould had all my symptoms, and my partner’s – symptoms that look like asthma, heart problems, allergies, sinus, lungs, and so on. OMIGOD, i have a mould sensitivity, and so does the man in the house.

Now, the thing is, to treat it properly costs money, because aside from the visible mould in the house itself, it will be inside the walls, in the roof , etc. So never mind, we’re moving.

Unless we can find something this price, (we’ve been here for years, so it’s better than most places for the same price, except for the mould), I have to wait until we can afford more rent.

In the meantime, I’ll keep the bit we live in as clean as possible, including dusting, which I’ve never been ruthless about, but I now know mould lives in dust. I also know to wear a breathing mask, eye protection, and gloves while cleaning it up. Jeez.

So, if you’re suffering bad allergy symptoms, strange heart symptoms, something that acts like asthma (when you’ve never had it before), your eyes refusing to focus sometimes or just being really sore, and migraines – or if you already live with pain, your pain levels have ramped up, and you’ve got some of the other symptoms – maybe check your place for mould/mold.

Don’t bother with the blood test for mould sensitivity – it doesn’t work for most people – you need actual skin tests. (Which in Australia you can now only get from a specialist.) For mould in your house Google testing kits. It can be invisible, so don’t rely on not being able to see it. If you can smell damp, you probably have mould.

*wipes the blog over with vinegar and lemon* i wonder if it keeps trolls away too?

gingerbread house at
gingerbread house at

I went looking for pictures of mould, and got distracted by food-porn – lol –  such is the way of the net.


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