Better two days as a tiger…

Better two days as a tiger...

food chain rebellion

I’m loose on the weal wide web! This is so exciting. Should I go on a rant, or introduce myself? I’m working my way up from nearly evil to where I can register as pure, organic, killing-baby-whales kind of evil, so i figure, now I’m on wordpress i can go all the way!

The quote on the picture is from Tipu Sultan, the last king to die on a battlefield in recent history.  In 1799, he was killed fighting the British. I actually know that out of my own head, thanks to working on a project about him some ten years ago. (Then I got paranoid, and checked, lol. I’ve smoked enough weed in my time to get most of Europe high, I shouldn’t know my own name.)

Now, let’s see, that’s drugs mentioned, and with any luck I’ve been a bit controversial with the artwork, but have i mentioned sex? *checks* Ooh, no,  but i have alluded to being evil. It’s a start.

Above artwork is mine (I changed it enough that it’s something new) but go ahead and use it (non-commercially), just link back here.  Variations are on hundreds of blogs. I would like to credit the person who started it, if anyone knows.



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